WoW's 17th birthday: How to get to the event boss Damnation Shifter


WoW is 17 years old and this is celebrated as always. In addition to a nice buff and transmog disguise, you have the opportunity to face an iconic mob from WoW, which has taught many a player the fear, especially in TBC: The Doomwalker.

The world boss is located in the south of Tanaris, at the Caves of Time. Simply use the portal to the Caves of Time in the portal room of your capital city and you'll find yourself in front of the boss.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

Loot, level cap and the special mount

Even level 30 characters have the ability to bag loot from damnation shifters. Apparently, you can get loot once a day per character. You will automatically receive the quest With Doomwalkers you have to trade. However, you don't have to complete this quest to get loot.
WoW's 17th Birthday: How to get to the event boss Damnation Shifter (3) Source: Icy Veins
Most players will be after the Illidari Dragon Falcon Mount Damnation Falcon, as it may only be available through this event and then never again. According to information from Asian servers (where the event started earlier today), the Damnation Falcon has a very low drop chance of about 1 percent. Any loot from the Doomwalker is push loot and cannot be traded with other players. WoW's 17th birthday: How to get to the event boss Damnation Shifter (2) Source: Wowhead Besides the mount, you have a chance to capture a special transmog item (Akama's Edge) and a toy (Damnation Shifter Trophy Socket). For level 60 characters, the event boss will drop items with item level 220.

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After all, you have until December 6 to farm the Dragon Falcon mount. Will you use your army of Twinks to knock out the Doomwalker until he gives you his Dragon Falcon mount? Write us in the comments.


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