WoW: Which new race would you like to see?


It's been quite a while since the WoW developers introduced a new race to World of Warcraft. Ally races have long since taken the place of the classic new races that used to join the ranks of playable races with every other WoW expansion. But even though the WoW team has introduced several new Ally Races during the lifespan of Battle for Azeroth, even they have been scarce in Shadowlands so far. Reason enough for me to get to the bottom of the question, which races would be playable at all.

How about vampire undead?

The reddit user Wandering Scorpio wanted to know exactly that from the WoW community a while ago and came up with a suggestion himself, namely the Venthyr. His reasoning for this choice: He would like to play undead that don't look like zombies - and the Venthyr are just perfect for that. I myself think it's a great idea. One of my favorite Shadowlands side characters is Theotar, and my favorite zone is Revendreth. The idea of being able to play a snobby Venthyr vampire myself sends me into ecstasy. Also, lore-wise, the Venthyr wouldn't even have to join a specific faction, but could belong to both the Horde and the Alliance, much like the Pandaren.

But what other possibilities are there for new (ally) races? Azeroth and the Shadowlands are full of interesting races that could be a future feature of an expansion or content patch. For example:

  • the Naga, from which a faction could split off and join Horde or Alliance (currently very unlikely due to the race's low presence).
  • the Kyrians and Nachtfae, who (unlike the Necrolords) have distinctive characteristics that would allow for implementation as an allied race, similar to the Venthyr
  • Broken Draenei, who already played an important role in The Burning Crusade and made a reappearance in Legion
  • The Arrakoa, and in particular the tall descendants of the Apexis, who are visually unparalleled among the races of Azeroth.
  • the Sethrak, who fight with and against the Vulpera in Voldun and, according to lore, a group of whom may well join the Horde and/or Alliance
  • Vrykul, who could be an excellent addition to the playable human races already present in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ).

That's just a sampling of the races that WoW developers could theoretically include as playable races in WoW. Whether we'll ever see any of them actually implemented in this form remains to be seen. Maybe something completely different will come.

What do you think? Which races in WoW would you like to see as the next playable race? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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