WoW: What is so glaringly wrong with the LFG system?


Just recently, our editor Karsten noted in a nostalgia approach to WoW Patch 3.3 that the then freshly introduced LFG system with the dungeon browser generated mostly positive sentiments among the World of Warcraft player community. In the meantime, as all WoW fans know, the mood has tilted a lot. Wherever possible, players are trying to steer clear of LFG, which now includes LFR.

And recently, the folks at the WoW team launched a survey about your satisfaction of WoW: Shadowlands. Selected players were sent a few questions, three of which we know about. And we recreated them to see how you would vote. One question and answer option came out on top with more than 1,500 participants. The question: are you less likely to use or do any of the following things in World of Warcraft (buy now ) because of the behavior of other players?

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The answer: The LFG system

The "LFG system" option has received 23.21 percent of the votes to date, followed by "None of the above" with 19.13 percent of the votes and "Continue playing WoW" with 17.52 percent. In other words, the behavior of other players ensures that almost a quarter of the 1,500 WoW fans surveyed do not use the LFG system. And that's despite the fact that the idea of a group-finding tool is not bad in and of itself. This preliminary result has surprised me a lot and I wonder how it comes to this? LFG - not very popular Source: buffed

Toxicity in the City

Of course, it's not about the tool itself, but about what WoW players do with it. Consequently, I have to say that the WoW community is so toxic that other members of the same community don't want to use certain features anymore. The question is: What can the people at Blizzard do to alleviate the situation?

Philipp, for example, has suggested that we should be able to rate fellow players

. But that, if you look in the direction of League of Legends, for example, doesn't stop fellow players from spamming the chat extensively. With flames, with declarations of incompetence or with less helpful, but more arrogant answers, for example, if a newcomer is in the group. So the question would be: Should we disable the chat system? That sounds radical, I know. But what could be done in a sensible (I emphasize SENSIBLE) way to make WoW heroes want to use the LFG system? I am at a miss, meaning: I really have no idea.

Do you have any? I'm very excited to see what you'll discuss in the comments! By the way, you can still participate in the poll we've recreated

if you like.

At this point, of course, it should also be mentioned:

The WoW developers didn't make a distinction between LFG, LFR or the flexible group search in their survey. Whether the survey participants really avoid the LFR system altogether, or whether it's only about a certain part of it, we'll check out in due time.Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thanks!

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