WoW: Tyrande, Vol'jin and Co - these stories await us in Shadowlands (Spoiler!)


In WoW Shadowlands, we can expect not only new areas, dungeons and raids, but also a lot of exciting stories. In the realm of the dead, many well-known heroes and villains are waiting for us. We have taken a closer look at the dialogue texts from Shadowlands-Alpha and have picked out some interesting information about the story for you. Caution: Spoilers! WoW: Tyrande, Vol'jin and Co - these stories await us in Shadowlands (spoilers!) (1) Source: buffed

Table of Contents1The Loa Strife2The Fate of the Loa and the Wild Gods3Vol'jin's Return4Tyrande in Danger!5Many More Old Heroes and Villains

The Loa Strife

In the novel Shadows Rising, we learn that Sylvanas' followers are hunting Bwonsamdi, the Loa of Death. It seems that another loa had it in for Bwonsamdi's power - and that was Mueh'zala, the Death Loa of the Sand Trolls. Only with the help of Queen Talanji and Vol'jin's spirit, can Bwonsamdi escape death. In WoW Shadowlands, Bwonsamdi and Vol'jin turn the tables and the ex-warchief sets upon the heels of the loa in the Shadowlands who had betrayed him and whispered the name of the banshee to him on his deathbed.

WoW: Mueh'zala is the Loa of Death of the sand trolls. Source: wowhead Because unlike Bwonsamdi, Mueh'zala has turned his back on the trolls and his duty as Loa and allied himself with the Jailer. His reasons for this betrayal, like Sylvanas', are initially obscure. However, the intrigue and the plan that went with it worked out perfectly in BfA. Most of the Loa are dead and trapped in the Arden Forest, where they have only a small fraction of their original power. Vol'jin cannot free the Loa from their predicament, but he can become a Loa himself. To do so, however, he must first fulfill his pact with Bwonsamdi and ensure that Bwonsamdi ascends to become the only Loa of the Dead. In the dungeon "The Other Side" we challenge the treacherous Mueh'zala together with Vol'jin. According to the following dialogue text, Mueh'zala is defeated, but whether the Loa is also defeated for good remains to be seen.

"Azeroth is in ruins... and all because of one... little... whisper to a dying warchief.What? No... de whisper dat told me to make Sylvanas warchief... You played your part perfectly, troll. And I would have tortured you for eternity... if not for someone's intervention. I be hearin' enough! I want ya ta be knowin' sometin' before I destroy ya, Mueh'zala.Dere only be room for one loa o' death.And it be Bwonsamdi."

The Fate of the Loa and the Wild Gods

WoW: The bloodthirsty Loa Hakkar is also making a comeback in Shadowlands in the dungeon The Other Side! Source: wowhead As already mentioned, a particularly exciting story awaits us in the Ardenwald. In addition to Tyrande's quest to redeem her people, much of the story revolves around Cenarius, the Loa, and the Wild Gods. The mystical forest is the last refuge for the souls of Elune's son and the animal spirits. Indeed, most of the Wild Gods fell in the War of the Ancestors in battle against the Burning Legion, while others fell to the Emerald Nightmare and the Old Gods. In Battle for Azeroth, Zul the Betrayer thinned the Loa pantheon.

The prophet lured the mighty Rezan, King of the Loa, into a trap and subsequently caused many more Loa to meet an abrupt end. In the Arden Forest, both the Loa and the Wild Gods fulfill a new purpose. Some of them dream of rebirth, while others take the initiative themselves. Rezan is determined to help Vol'jin ascend to a Loa. How exactly remains a mystery for now. What role the Winter Queen, the mistress of the Arden Forest, and Ysera, whose soul also rests in the forest, play in the whole story also remains a secret for the time being.

Vol'jin's Return

WoW: The Winter Queen rules the Forest of Arden. Source: wowhead Although we know little about the Winter Queen, a brief dialogue grants us some intriguing information about her disposition. She seems to be a neutral figure, neither good nor evil. She speaks to Vol'jin in the Forest of Arden, and in doing so reveals a secret that is quite intriguing. According to the Queen, the soul of a Loa slumbers within the former warchief. At least that explains why Rezan is so interested in Vol'jin's rebirth. Which loa it is, we do not know. In their conversation, the Winter Queen reveals to Vol'jin that he must complete a dangerous test in the Shadowlands to awaken the spirit of his inner loa. This may succeed, but it may also end in his ultimate death. The Winter Queen addresses the following words to Vol'jin:

"I thought I sensed something special about your spirit. You have a loa within you... waiting to be reborn. I cannot promise that you will survive... or what form of loa you will become. But I shall allow you a pod to be reborn.Life be full o' mysteries. I be learnin' ta embrace dem and see what happens next."

Tyrande in danger!

Tyrande's quest for revenge eventually leads the Night Warrior to the Shadowlands. In the Arden Forest, the Night Elf leader searches for Elune, whom she hopes to find there with the help of Cenarius. After her transformation into a night warrior, Tyrande is plagued by doubts about the goodness of the moon goddess, who had seemingly abandoned the Kaldorei. Her search for redemption and the origin of the Night Warriors leads her down a dangerous path. Sooner or later, our heroes end up in Torghast along with Tyrande. Inside the tower, she learns what happened to the souls of the Dead Night Elves who burned in Teldrassil. The fate of the Dead Kaldorei nearly drives her mad, and in the grand finale we have to save Tyrande. Here are individual steps from the Tyrande scenario:

Recovering Tyrande Whisperwind.

  • Stage 1: Find Tyrande WhisperwindSearch Torghast for Tyrande WhisperindStage 2: Fend off Maw WarriorsAid Tyrande in defeating Maw AssassinsStage 3: Keep up with Tyrande WhisperwindTyrande is not stopping. Try to keep up with her.Stage 4: Defeat Maw AmbushersTyrande charged ahead. Deal with the incoming Maw minions!Stage 5: Catch up with TyrandeTyrande is up ahead, try to catch up with her!Stage 6: Find an alternate route to TyrandeTyrande has pushed forward. Find another way to catch up with her.Stage 7: Defeat Maw MonstrositySkuld stands in your way!Stage 8: Catch up with TyrandeTyrande must be up ahead. Stage 9: Defeat the Tortured ShadeThe Maw has created an amalgam of tortured night elf souls. Help Tyrande fight them off.

It remains to be seen if this scenario will be reserved for Alliance heroes only, or if it will be available to warriors of both factions.

Many more old heroes and villains

WoW: Uther's dark side as the Spurned. Source: wowhead The Realm of the Dead is the final destination for many old heroes and villains who met their deaths recently or many years ago. The most prominent are Kael'thas, Kel'thuzad, Lady Vashj, and even the legendary paladin Uther Lightbringer. They all play major roles in different areas. While Kael'thas first welcomes our heroes as a host in Ravendreth, Kel'thuzad immediately appears as a villain who causes a lot of chaos in Maldraxxus. A little later, the former prince of Quel'thalas changes sides and faces us as a boss opponent in the Castle Nathria raid. Lady Vashj has used her time in the Shadowlands to become a full-fledged baroness. Unlike in the past, she appears in WoW Shadowlands not as an opponent, but as an ally.

However, the most exciting story awaits us in the Bastion. There we meet the legendary hero Uther Lightbringer. This paladin was once the mentor of Arthas Menethil, who left the Way of Light in Warcraft 3 and later became a Death Knight and Lich King. In WoW Shadowlands, Uther appears to our heroes as an angelic Kyrian protecting Oribos and the Bastion. The interesting thing here is that there are two models of Uther. One as a radiant angel, and the other as a sinister scorned one. What story lies behind this fall from grace, we do not know. However, we are curious what fate awaits one of Azeroth's most famous heroes in the Shadowlands.

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