WoW: Toy and Pet - More 17th Anniversary loot discovered


Update 04 May :
Attentive players have discovered a new pet in the collection following the latest update to the WoW Patch 9.1 PTR, which also appears to be related to World of Warcraft's 17th Anniversary: the Timeless Mechanical Dragonling. Apparently, we will be able to buy the pet for 200 Time Warped Badges from Historian Ma'di in the Caverns of Time.
WoW: The Timeless Mechanical Dragonling. Source: buffed So if you're flirting with buying it and don't currently have enough badges, you should join in on the next time wandering events. For example, the next Time Wandering event is coming up on May 26. In addition to the pet, we'll probably also be able to earn a Damnation Falcon mount and the Weapon of Akama as rewards during the anniversary - see original announcement. And according to Vanion, a trophy stand toy for defeating the Doomwalker has also been discovered in the meantime.

Original post from April 21 :
As we all know, the launch of WoW (buy now €14.99 ): Burning Crusade Classic is scheduled for this year, and it seems that Blizzard developers want to celebrate this fact at this year's 17th WoW anniversary in November.

Dataminers have found loot items on the PTR of WoW patch 9.1 that are related to the anniversary and have some TBC flair (via Wowhead). They can drop from the TBC world boss Doomwalker , who made Shadowmoon Valley unsafe back in the day and is apparently supposed to return as an event opponent in the Caverns of Time.

And what exactly does he drop? Well, the Mount Illidari Doomhawk, for example:
WoW: Apparently, the Mount Illidari Doomhawk may drop in the wake of Doomwalker's 17th anniversary. Source: Wowhead Or Akama's Edge, the axes of Akama , who assisted us (and we him) in The Burning Crusade, among other things, in the Black Temple.
WoW: Akama's Edge - these axes belong to Akama (and maybe soon to us). Source: Wowhead And here's the rest of the loot from the Doomwalker:

  • Ethereum Nexus Reaver
  • Talon of the Tempest
  • Barrel-Blade Longrifle
  • Black-Iron Battlecloak
  • Anger-Spark Gloves
  • Gilded Trousers of Benediction
  • Terrorweave Tunic
  • Fathom-Helmet of the Deeps
  • Darkcrest Waistguard
  • Faceguard of the Endless Watch
  • Voidforged Greaves
  • Archaic Charm of Presence

What do you guys think about the possible loot from the 17th WoW Anniversary? Cool stuff or rather mäh?