WoW: This is how much Stygian Embers you get from bosses and Named Mobs in the Sanctum


Stygian Embers we have already received with WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1 via the weekly quest. With this we upgrade the new type of gems Shard of Domination. As of this ID, the Sanctum of Domination raid is now also open and the important NPC Bonesmith Heirmir is unlockable via the 9.1 campaign quest, where we can upgrade the sockets and remove them via Soulfire Chisel. As shown on the first run through the Sanctum, you'll earn the most Stygian Good via defeating bosses.

While the weekly Korthia quest Shaping Destiny will give you ten Stygian Glow, a run through the Sanctum will grant you more than four times the resource. Groups have also noticed that trash mobs with a special name also drop Stygian Embers. You will encounter at least five of these special mobs in the Sanctum.

This is how much Stygian Embers drop in the Sanctum of Domination

  • Normal difficulty: 2 Stygian Embers per boss
  • Heroic difficulty: 3 Stygian Embers per boss
  • Named Mobs: 1 Stygian Ember per boss

We'll find out how much there is in mythic mode in the next ID when that difficulty first becomes active.

When you complete the bosses on a higher difficulty, you will automatically receive the amount of Stygian Embers from the lower difficulty as well. This means that if you win on Heroic, you'll get the full three Stygian Embers and won't have to go back to normal mode. Conversely, this means that after defeating the same boss in normal mode in that ID, you will only get one Stygian Ember later in the heroic version. So you only need to enter the highest difficulty for the maximum number.

So for a raid clear on heroic you will get about 40 Stygian Glow, for a run in normal mode about 25. That sounds like a lot, but each Shard of Domination can be upgraded up to four times, and the cost increases with each level:

Rank 1 (Normal):
-Rank 2 (Ominous): 5 St

ygian EmbersRank

3 (Desolate): 15 St

ygian EmbersRank

4 (Foreboding): 30 St

ygian EmbersRank

5 (Portentous): 50 Stygian EmbersSupport

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