WoW TBC Classic: Arlaeus shows 1,000 gold/h farm, but there is a catch


Even in WoW Classic, mages were among the best gold farmers in Azeroth, and you can get rich super efficiently with spellcasters in Outland as well. While most gold farming strategies in the open world

, which can be mastered by all classes, promise you around 200 to 600 gold per hour, mages have farming methods open to them that turn out to be significantly more rewarding.

For example, in a video from last weekend, Youtuber and Mage player Arlaeus touts a method that earns him more than 1,000 gold per hour. This method is particularly noteworthy because it can only be done in the form by an exclusive group of TBC Classic players. Namely, you'll need two accounts with two level-70 mages who specialize in Frost (or you can team up with another mage player and then share the loot, but of course that cuts the efficiency of the method in half).

With the two Frost Mages you then go to the Steam Chamber, where you bomb away the local Naga with Blizzard and Co. They drop lots of silver, green and blue items or weapons from the lizard cauldron. You can also pick herbs, mine ores and open unlocked chests in the dungeon. Even more gold beckons if you pack three characters willing to pay for the experience point or reputation boost.

To see

how Arlaeus performs this farming method in practice, and how he uses both mages at the same time, check out the video below:

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The author of these lines would probably be hopelessly overwhelmed managing two mages through the steam room in this way. Would you guys feel the same way or would you be up for implementing this method? Tell us in the comments!

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