WoW: Soul ash packs can be bought once per Torghast run

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The dataminers at have found a very interesting item in the game files for patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands. Packaged Soul Ash allows you to send soul ash between your characters account-wide, similar to what you can do in BfA with the war resource containers. The item comes in two different versions. One pack contains 250 Soul Ash, the other 1,300, and you may find packs with other values in between later. It is not yet clear who will be selling the Packaged Soul Ash in-game.

Update 6.5.21: Apparently you can buy the Soul Ash packs during a Torghast run at the midwayer before the final boss (recently level 5). It looks like you can only purchase one pack per run. This is what the dataminers at found out. However, in our testing on the PTR, the middleman did not offer this item. The image below should be proof enough though.
WoW: Soul Ash Packs can be purchased once per Torghast Run (1) Source: Packaged Soul Ash - Binds to account Use: Open to gain 1300 Soul Ash.
"Packed for easy transfer. A significant chunk of Soul Ash is missing - brokers always get their cut."

Packaged Soul Ash (DNT) Binds to account Use: Open to gain 250 Soul Ash.

Packaged Soul Ash costs 1,500 Soul Ash, the smaller version Packaged Soul Ash (DNT) costs 300 Soul Ash. Purchasing the large pack makes more sense. If you only need a bit of Soul Ash on another character, you lose the equivalent of a bit more Soul Ash.

So if you have 6,000 Soul Ash on a character, you can directly buy 4 Packaged Soul Ash and send it to your Twink, who can directly craft a Rank 4 Legendary with 5,200 Soul Ash. This makes getting into the endgame much easier for new characters and saves you multiple Torghast runs with new chars. For the upcoming rank 5 and rank 6 upgrades, you will need a lot of Soul Ash and the new currency Soul Cinders, which are available from Torghast levels 9 to 12. So it's worth stockpiling plenty of Soul Ash right now.

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