WoW Shadowlands: Vulpin, Phalynx and Death Roc - The new hunter pets


After The Burning Crusade and Argus in Legion, in World of Warcraft Shadowlands we once again enter realms that can commonly be described as "extraterrestrial". Accordingly, the flora and fauna as well as the inhabitants and animals of this fantasy world are once again exotic. The stylistic peculiarities are particularly exciting for hunters, who will be able to tame a variety of new, sometimes very interesting creatures as companions with the expansion.

The well-known website WoW Petopia has already diligently extracted data and images from the Shadowlands Alpha, a selection of which you can see in the following image gallery. Besides new additions for already known pet classes like birds of prey, deer or spiders, there are currently seven new species: Animites, Gormlings, Gorms, Greater Gorms, Shadow Beasts and Soulseekers. Note that Shadowlands is still in early alpha and many things will change before release. Not everything listed here will be tameable, and almost certainly more models will be added before release.

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