WoW Shadowlands: Timewalk dungeons only available from level 50 onwards


The release of the pre-patch before WoW Shadowlands also brings with it a major change to the level phase, which will affect time-travel events, among other things. Because until now, we could participate in time-walking dungeons in WoW as soon as we had exceeded the level range of the respective expansion with our hero. But what exactly will this level range be in the future? Because thanks to Chromie Time, we'll be able to choose which expansion we want to level our adventures in to Battle for Azeroth's modified maximum level 50 (equivalent to 120 previously). Because of this, time-walking dungeons will only be available at level 50 in the future, as discovered by a Reddit user:

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This makes sense, of course: after all, leveling in chromie time is, in and of itself, a form of time-walking complete with scaling items. So we can hardly visit the time-walking dungeon of an expansion we're currently leveling in. So once we reach level 50 and can't level in the different expansions, we'll get access to time-travel events - if they're active.

Timewalking dungeons to the dungeons from WoW: Legion will probably not be available until a later patch of Shadowlands, looking at the releases of the previous timewalking dungeons.

WoW Shadowlands should still be released this year after the short-notice announced postponement - but the pre-patch including level squish and special events will already be released on October 13, 2020.

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