WoW: Shadowlands: Become a ghost - cool toy turned up in alpha


Only a few players are currently allowed to explore the alpha of WoW Shadowlands, but even the small amount of adventurers is enough to elicit the first secrets long before release. For example, a few alpha players on wowhead have revealed how to get a new toy that allows you to take on a cool ghost form. This effect is similar to that of the Threshold of Death amulet. The so-called Scroll of Aeons is quickly unlocked.

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How do you get the new toy in WoW Shadowlands?

First, travel to the Aspirant's Crucible, a Kyrian training site in Bastion where newly arrived souls take their first steps towards becoming Kyrians. You'll come across a place there with all sorts of snacks and food, one of which you can interact with. What looks like random orange-colored fruit turns out to be "Purian". Click on the fruit, which will give you two Purian.

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The item description tells you directly: "Place in a tribute bowl in Aspirant's Crucible." Accordingly you look around next and search for empty fruit bowls - in each of them you'll find a "Purian". As soon as the two containers are filled with it, a small event will start and you'll suddenly see a trail of Anima on the ground. Follow it and you'll end up with the Scroll of Aeons, which you can pick up.

What does the Scroll of Aeons toy do in WoW?

When you activate your new toy, your character in WoW becomes completely transparent, with a blue tint - you look like a ghost or "a recently arrived soul". This currently lasts for half an hour and has an hour-long cooldown - a very good ratio, so much so that many players immediately became skeptical about whether this would still look the same in the live version of Shadowlands.

The toy pairs perfectly with similar-looking mounts like the Spectral Pterrorwing from BfA (Horde-exclusive), the Spectral Steed from Cataclysm (Alliance-exclusive), or its Horde-equivalent Spectral Wolf.

Source: wowhead

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