WoW: Shadowlands: Alchemy - Antidotes, weapon oils, potions and more!


WoW's crafting disciplines are getting some cool new additions and features with the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. Among other things, we will be able to use optional crafting materials. In the case of the alchemist, for example, this will ensure longer-lasting potion effects or stronger stat bonuses. But also apart from that the vial friends can look forward to novelties.

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Important: All this information comes from the alpha of Shadowlands - some effects, for example, talk about 0 points of damage. Accordingly, they will probably all change before the release of Shadowlands.

Table of Contents1. New ingredients for alchemy in WoW Shadowlands1.1 Plants1.2 Reagents2. What alchemists make in WoW Shadowlands2.1. alchemist stone2.2. vials2.3. antidotes2.4. cauldrons2.5. weapon oils2.6. potions2.6.1. unique combat potions2.7. special potions2.8. optional crafting materials2.9. transmutations (converting one material into another)

New ingredients for alchemy in WoW Shadowlands

First and foremost, of course, the alchemist needs resources to put into his potions and other products. These are available as usual via the gathering craft Herb Lore:


  • Death BlossomMarrowrootNightshadeRising GloryVigil's TorchWidowbloom


  • Crystal VialGround Death BlossomGround MarrowrootGround NightshadeGround Rising GloryGround Vigil's TorchGround Widowbloom

This is what alchemists make in WoW Shadowlands

As before, alchemists are primarily responsible for providing players with vials and potions that give them an advantage in combat beyond ordinary equipment bonuses. But there will only be two types of vials in total: The one for stat bonuses like intelligence, agility, and strength simply adjusts to the user's current class. And the other vial is for stamina. In addition, the alchemist will be able to craft weapon oils, the Alchemist Stone trinket, and even a cauldron that can supply vials to a large group of players.

Alchemist Stone

  • Spiritual Alchemist Stone: Trinket that gives you +146 versatility. Increases the effect of the wearer's healing and mana potions by 40 percent. Also gives it a chance to increase Strength, Intelligence, or Agility (automatically chooses highest) by +1026 for 15 seconds by healing or dealing damage. (Recipe)


  • Spectral Vial of Power: Increases Primary by 85. (Recipe)Spiritual Vial of Endurance: Increases Endurance by 127. (Recipe)


  • Spiritual Antidote: Cures poison up to level 60 and reduces the duration of newly applied poisons by 50% for two minutes. Cannot be used in instances (2 minute cooldown) (Recipe)


  • Eternal Cauldron: A cauldron that provides a total of 30 vials for the party. (Recipe)

Weapon Oils

  • Embalmer's Oil: Must be applied to weapon. Gives you a chance to heal by 1682 health for ten minutes when attacking or casting spells. If your health is already full, you instead gain an absorption shield for 15 seconds that can take 1682 points of damage. (Recipe)Shadowcore Oil: Must be applied to weapon. (Recipe)


  • Spiritual Healing Potion: Restores 10375 points of health. (Recipe)Spirtual Mana Potion: Restores 3458 mana. (Recipe)Spiritual Rejuvenation Potion: Restores 10375 health and 2594 mana. (Recipe)Potion of Spectral Endurance: Increases Endurance by 392 for 25 seconds. (Recipe)Potion of Spectral Agility: Increases Endurance by 321 for 25 seconds. (Recipe)Potion of Spectral Strength: Increases Strength by 321 for 25 seconds. (Recipe)Potion of Spectral Intelligence: Increases Intelligence by 321 for 25 seconds. (Recipe)Potion of Spiritual Clarity: Regenerates up to 7800 mana over ten seconds. However, you are defenseless until your concentration is disrupted. (Recipe)Potion of Hardened Shadows: Increases armor by 321 for 25 seconds (Recipe)

Unique Combat Potions

  • Potion of Deathly Fixation: Your damage spells and abilities have a chance to inflict Deathly Fixation on the target, dealing 185 Shadow damage over eight seconds and stacking up to five times. Once five stacks are reached, Deathly Fixation explodes, hitting the target with 7404 Shadow damage. If you use this potion when you have Shadowcore Oil active at the same time, the damage of the explosion is increased by 10 percent.... (Recipe)Potion of Divine Awakening: Your healing spells turn out stronger based on the target's health. If Embalmer's Oil is active, this additional healing is increased by 10 percent. (Recipe)Potion of Empowered Exorcisms: Your damage spells and abilities have a chance to hit the target and surrounding enemies with a Shadow damage blast. If Shadowcore Oil is active, the damage and range of the blast are increased by 20%. (Recipe)Potion of Phantom Fire: Your attacks and spells have a chance to send a fiery projection towards the target, dealing fire and shadow damage. If your Shadowcore Oil is active during this time, the damage of the projection is increased by 10%. (Recipe)Potion of Sacrificial Anima: Instead of consuming mana, your next four spells consume 7% of your Health. If you have Embalmer's Oil active at the same time, Health consumption is reduced by 2 percent. (Recipe)

Special Potions

  • Potion of Specter Swiftness: When dead, you move 100% faster. Can only be used in the Shadowlands. Lasts two minutes, cooldown is one minute. (Recipe)Potion of Shaded Sight: Increases your Stubbornness Detection for 10 minutes. Cooldown is one minute. (Recipe)Potion of Soul Purity: Attempts to remove a curse, disease, and poison from you. (Recipe)Potion of the Hidden Spirit: Makes the drinker invisible for 18 seconds. Five minute cooldown. (Recipe)

Optional Crafting Materials

  • Alchemist's Pouch (Cloak): Increases the duration of vials. (Recipe)Slippery Concoction (Cloak): Sometimes increases mobility of the wearer. (Recipe)Bolstering Concotion (Cloak): Sometimes increases the wearer's Strength. (Recipe)Brilliant Concotion (Cloak): Sometimes increases the wearer's Intelligence.(Recipe)Culinary Concoction (Cloak): Extends the duration of buff food effects.(Recipe)Modified Crafting Reagent 06: WildcardModified Crafting Reagent 07: WildcardModified Crafting Reagent 08: Wildcard

Transmutations (conversion from one material to another)

  • Transmute 01: PlaceholderTransmute 02: PlaceholderTransmute 03: PlaceholderTransmute 04: PlaceholderTransmute 05: PlaceholderTransmute 06: PlaceholderTransmute 07: PlaceholderTransmute 08: Placeholder