WoW: Rextroy Dismantles Horde with 300k Oneshots as Arcane Mage


One-shot expert and bug debunker Rextroy still finds fun in oneshotting Horde players out of nowhere in Durotar, and after his Warlock Oneshot video

, has now unpacked the Mage. In his latest video, he shows you how to deal 300,000 points of damage in one hit as an Arcane Mage.

However, as always, it takes a few tricks to do that much damage. The 300k AoE combo focuses on the Magi's Touch attack, which, due to the level scaling, can knock even level 60 players off their feet in one hit.

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How the 300k AoE one-shot combo works

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The Magi's arcane spell Touch stores the target's inflicted damage and, after eight seconds, triggers an explosion that deals 25 percent of the stored damage to all enemies. As is often the case, Rextroy takes advantage of WoW's (buy now )

broken PvP scaling. Simply finding a low-level Horde accomplice or just using the infamous toads from his other one-shot videos doesn't work without the help of another accomplice.

An Alliance priest uses mind control on a low-level character, who then gets Hope Ray cast on him. This spell delays the target's damage received for six seconds and doesn't trigger the damage until the buff expires. This gives the arcane mage enough time to pump as much damage as possible into the target and run into the hordes with the NPC, who will eat all of the accumulated damage a short time later.

Since you deal significantly more damage to low-level targets, the AoE damage ends up being extremely high and oneshots the Horde players. However, the combo must be pulled off quickly. In the video, Rextroy and his accomplices later use a level 1 Horde player, which effectively becomes a ticking time bomb as it plunges into the Horde groups outside Orgrimmar. By the way, the trick is also possible with a toad or a training dummy, only these targets don't move into the Horde players in such a coordinated way. To the home page Jump to comments (1) Sebastian Glanzer