WoW Patch 9.2: Two Legendarys - What does the update bring for your Shaman?


Patch 9.2 brings a comprehensive update to the current meta of World of Warcraft Shadowlands - firstly in the form of the powerful new class-specific tier set bonuses from the Mausoleum of the First raid, and secondly by unlocking the equipping of two Legendarys via the new call faction "The Enlightened" in Zereth Mortis. In WoW Legion, the latter marked the highlight of the expansion. On the public test realm for the "End of Eternity", we therefore took a look at the whole thing on four elemental shamans, all of whom belong to a different pact.

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. Two Legendarys "Lite"2. Elemental Shaman in Patch 9.22.1. Necrolord2.2. Night Fae2.3. Kyrian2.4. Venthyr3. Conclusion

Two Legendarys "Lite"

The bad news first: You can unlock carrying two Legendarys starting with "End of Eternity," but one of the Legendarys must be

the Pact Legendary from Patch 9.1. This means that you can still only use one Crafting Legendary. The good news is that with patch 9.2, you will be able to craft a universal Pact Legendary that will automatically have the effect of that Pact ability when you switch Pacts.

Elemental Shaman in Patch 9.2

In Shadowlands, the Necrolords and the Night Fae are the preferred pacts for elemental shamans, closely followed by the Kyrians and the Venthyr after a few updates. We'll leave the corresponding soul connections and mediums out of this; they are well known.


WoW Patch 9.2:The Wind Speaker Legendary is the top single target damage Legendary Source: Buffed

Primordial Surge is the only Pact class ability that interacts with the rest of our rotation in a meaningful way, triggering Flame Shock for us and duplicating our next Lava Eruption at 80% strength. If the talent Reverberating Shock is skilled, Lava Eruption is even quadrupled. In addition, Primeval Surge is currently the strongest single-target damage option.

The Necrolord Pact Legendary for Shamans is Shattered Elements, which increases our speed by 8% for 10 seconds each additional use of Flame Shock generated by Primordial Surge. Unfortunately, there is no scenario in which it can match our other current legendary options. However, as of patch 9.2, you can combine Shattered Elements with the Windspeaker's top Craft Legendary Lava Return, which will slightly improve the overall performance of our rotation.

Night Fae

WoW Patch 9.2:For Night Fae Shamans, the Skybreaker Legendary is the first choice Source: Buffed

Faetransfusion is not a bad choice for single targets, but quickly falls off when additional targets are added to the equation. Because it is a channeled spell at a specific spot on the ground and because it splits the damage among all targets, the Pact ability lacks versatility and is therefore slightly weaker than Necrolords' Primal Wave.

The Night Fae Pact Legendary for Shamans is Seeds of Unbridled Growth. Each pulse of Faetransfusion's damage effect then reduces Fire Elemental's cooldown by 9.0 seconds and increases our critical strike chance by 4% for 15 seconds. This item is powerful in its own right, and comes into its own in patch 9.2 when combined with the top Craft Legendary Flaming Demise of the Skybreaker and Soulband Niya.


WoW Patch 9.2:The Wind Speaker Legendary is the top single target damage Legendary Source: Buffed

The Kyrian ability Vespertotem is the option that currently offers the best balance between single-target and area damage for Elemental Shamans. Unfortunately, Vespertotem does not interact with our rotation in any meaningful way, so it is simply always used at the end of its cooldown unless you want to save it for situations with burst area damage.

The Kyrian Pact Legendary for Shamans is Vesper Bell's Tobender Vortex, which improves the Pact ability in a simple way: When 3 charges of the Vespertotem are used up, the Vespertotem radiates 300% of the spell damage as Arcane damage and 110% as healing within 15 meters. For example, you can combine the Legendary with the Windspeaker's top Craft Legendary Lava Return for single target damage. If you want focused area damage, combine the item with Echoes of Great Shattering; for Torghast runs, the Deep Quake Stone Legendary is top, as you can safely speed farm there with the "cheat code" Killed Earth with a permanent Earth Elemental. As I said, there is no spell interaction here, but Vespertotem can be combined flexibly.


WoW Patch 9.2: The Venthyr Pact Legendary will be significantly upgraded Source: Buffed

The Venthyr skill Chain Harvest deals strong area damage, but negligible single target damage. In the raid, this means that it is currently the least viable pact for raiders.

This will change in Patch 9.2, as the Venthyr Pact Legendary for Shamans, Elemental Bonded, will be significantly upgraded: Spring Flood will additionally be cast on up to 5 friendly targets healed by Chain Harvest, and Flame Shock will additionally be cast on up to 5 enemy targets damaged by Chain Harvest. Critical hits with Flame Shock reduce the cooldown of Chain Harvest by 1.0 seconds. Combining this with the Skybreaker's top Craft Legendary Flaming Doom will not only increase Flame Shock's critical hits, but also reduce the Fire Elemental's cooldown faster. The synergy here is promising, provided as many enemies as possible are always hit.


For ambitious raiders and dungeon farmers, the upgrade available in Zereth Mortis is a must. Casual players have to see which specializations they prefer and whether they can find "dream teams" among the combinations of Pact-Legendary/Craft-Legendary. If this is the case, both the reputation grind and the Torghast farming of materials for crafting and upgrading the items in question are worthwhile. In addition, the cost of the base items is quite high if you want to upgrade to item level 265.

The universal Pact Legendary introduced in patch 9.2, which automatically has the effect of the relevant Pact ability when you switch Pacts, makes it easier to switch if you plan to do so. It should be noted that although you can now boost your fame level to 40 via tokens, you still need to earn about 20 more levels to have full access to your soul bindings.

A look at the strong new raid set bonuses in patch 9.2 makes it clear why it won't be possible to combine two Craft Legendaries and where the developers have set the priorities. But the expansion is not over yet - maybe in patch 9.2.5 or 9.3 we will have the opportunity to craft real "Dream Teams". By the way, the big winners of the update are the Night Fae Druids: With Convocation of Spirits and the two custom runic powers Cycle of Life and Death and Celestial Spirits, all specializations are already very well served with only two Legendarys.

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WoW Patch 9.2: The winners of the update are the Night Fae Druids: With 'Convocation of Spirits' and the two custom Legendaries 'Cycle of Life and Death' and 'Celestial Spirits', all specializations are served with only two Legendaries [Source: Buffed

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