WoW Patch 9.2: Two Legendarys at the same time - New Ranks & no more Torghast!


When WoW Patch 9.2 hits the live servers, our heroes can expect a real jump in player power. The Blizzard developers confirmed this in an interview with us. Apart from the tier sets, which make us dramatically stronger with their set bonuses, and the usual increases in item level from one patch to the next, Legendarys will also be added. In fact, we'll soon be able to carry two of them at the same time.

Jeremy Feasel: "So we're gonna be adding additional ranks to the legendaries, you're eventually going to be able to unlock the ability to wear two different legendaries at the same time. But we don't necessarily want you to have to go back into Torghast in order to get dust to separate your legendaries."

So the ability to wear two Legendaries has to be unlocked first. This will most likely happen via the new Ciphers of the First system that we're working through in the new area.

There is one restriction, however. You can only carry one Pact Legendary + one other Legendary. So you can't use two pact-independent Leggys.
The new cipher system will probably unlock the ability to carry two Legendarys at the same time. Source: Blizzard At a later point, they went into more detail about the new system of upgrades. These will be related in some way to the new resource Cosmic Dust, which will have to be farmed in Zereth Mortis. However, it will come from a lot of different sources.

Jeremy Feasel: "So one of the things that we particularly looked at was what are the things that are feeling really grindy, whether that's Torghast, or that's doing the Korthia reputation for that very particular set of upgrades, and we want you to be able to get this cosmic dust from a variety of different sources."

In another interview, the developers also revealed that unlocking the ability for a second Legendary will also likely be account-wide. So you won't have to do it multiple times.

Tier sets and a second Legendary - are you looking forward to this massive increase in player power, or are you more afraid of a balancing nightmare?

WoW Patch 9.2: End of Eternity Developer Video


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