WoW Patch 9.2: New Soul Shapes - 15 of them?!


There are WoW fans who make their choice of pact in Shadowlands based on the gimmicks they offer them. You want to stitch together a (well almost) unique monstrosity? Then you're certainly with the Necrolords. You're into extravagant tea parties? Then we'd definitely find you in Revendreth. And if you like to transform yourself into the most eye-catching and dazzling soul shapes, then you'll be found among the nature-loving Nachtfae. There are already countless different forms for the signature ability of the Nachtfae - and there are still a few more to come!

15 New Soul Shapes for Collectors

The dataminers of WoWHead have found no less than 15 new soulformsin the current test server build for WoW 9.2, which couldn't be more different and some of which will certainly be considered a bit of a status symbol almost like mounts - at least the brutosaur soulform that appears monstrous.
A Brutosaur soul shape - huge! Source: WoWHead
Found the people of WoW (buy now ) Head the following forms: Snail, Kite Falcon, Scorpid, Ray, Elekk, Far Rider, Bat, Brutosaur, Silithid, Gromit, Armadillo, Pig, Sheep, Penguin and Bee. I wonder if you could take to the skies of the Shadowlands yourself with the fleuchy-creepy soul forms like Bee and Kite Hawk. Would be an interesting concept for once. You can see the pictures of the soul forms at WoWHead.

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Certainly not everything immediately in WoW 9.2

Collect 15 new shapes, will all this be possible right away with patch 9.2? Probably not. It's already conceivable that some of the shapes will become available immediately. However, as the recent Pilgrim's Delight turkey soul

showed, WoW devs are not afraid to add a soul shape to one or another of Azeroth's holiday events.Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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