WoW Patch 9.2: New equipment set lets you become a mediator


With the upcoming patch 9.2, a lot of new equipment and sets will find their way into the world of WoW. The focus is on the return of the iconic pet sets, but you can also look forward to new items aside from that. For example, the recently appeared set of the "Cosmic Aspirant".

This set, consisting of eight pieces, is visually strikingly reminiscent of the look of the ubiquitous midwayers in Oribos and Zereth Mortis.

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PvP as a source

Where exactly we will get these armors and what item level they will ultimately have was unknown for some time. However, due to the name "Cosmic Aspirant", some conclusions could be drawn. WoW Patch 9.2: New equipment set lets you become a mediator (1) Source: buffed

In the meantime, we know for sure that this is the successor set of the "Unleashed Aspirant"; a PvP set that can be bought in Oribos for honor points.

On the PTR, the items have already been exchanged at the merchant and can be tested extensively. The item level starts at 203 (239 in PvP) and can be further upgraded - up to the maximum level 242 (259 in PvP).

  • Silk hood of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk cloak of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk tunic of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk wristbands of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk gloves of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk cord of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk gaiters of the cosmic aspirant
  • Silk trousers of the cosmic aspirant

The cosmic aspirant's set also includes various weapons, rings, necklaces and jewelry. Of course, these have no influence on the appearance of your character. And of course, in addition to the cloth set, there is also one each for wearers of leather, chain and plate. By the way, the prices of the set are the same as the current set on the live servers and range from 425 honor points for shield hands to 525 for rings, trinkets or bracers and up to 1,750 for two-handed weapons.

How do you like the look of the new PvP set? Is it rather lame or do you find the midwayer look suitable for patch 9.2 after all?

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