WoW Patch 9.2: Keystone Master will be adjusted - higher M+ rating required


For many WoW players it is the first and most important goal of a new Mythic-Plus-Season: the success of the Keystone Master. Because with the success, players also receive the seasonally changing mount. These mounts are usually not only pretty to look at, but are also considered by some to be a status symbol to show off what they have achieved.

This will also be the case in the upcoming patch 9.2, which heralds the third and probably final season of WoW (buy now ) Shadowlands. As in the second season, success depends on achieving a certain Mythic Plus rating. Where you used to have to complete every dungeon at level 15, the requirement changed with the introduction of the rating to a score of 2,000 points. This roughly equated to completing all eight dungeons at level 15 - once each in Tyrannical and once in Reinforced. In the third season, however, you can forget about the 2,000 points. If you want to get the keystone master here, you need 500 points more.

WoW: Official video preview of mega dungeon Tazavesh

Keystone master only from 2,500 Mythic rating

Instead of 2,000, you'll have to earn 2,500 points

. At first, this sounds like it would be more difficult to reach the mount. However, this is not really the case. The increase in the requirement has a different and very simple reason.

Patch 9.2 introduces two new Mythic-Plus dungeons to the game. The mega dungeon Tazavesh will be split into two parts, each of which will be available for Heroic and Mythic-Plus modes. This brings us to a total of ten dungeons in which you can earn your rating. The requirement is still around 250 points per dungeon. The only thing that makes it harder is that you have to successfully complete two more dungeons.

Are you looking forward to finally visiting Tazavesh as a Mythic-Plus dungeon in patch 9.2?

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