WoW: Operation Mechagon - Dungeon with hardmode like in Ulduar


When WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Patch 8.2 hits the live servers, fans of dungeon challenges will finally get a new addition: the mega instance Operation: Mechagon with a total of eight bosses. Some WoW fans have already tried out the dungeon on the public test server and made an exciting discovery: For at least one boss, an optional hard mode can be activated, which makes the fight noticeably more difficult!

You don't activate the hard mode via a menu or a keystone. Instead, you have to trigger the difficult mode with your actions in the dungeon itself - similar to the WotLK raid Ulduar. In the following we have summarized all known information (via Wowhead).

Which boss has hard mode?

So far, players have discovered a Hardmode on one boss in Operation: Mechagon: HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit is the fourth Encounter of the mega dungeon.

How do you trigger the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit Hardmode?

You trigger Boss 4's Hardmode by knocking down the first three bosses while the Aerial Oppression Unit, which is constantly patrolling the air, hovers above your heads. The flying unit will show up on the dungeon map - so first take out the boss the unit is hovering over, then it will fly to the next boss. Repeat this for boss #3.

What makes this strategy challenging is that the Aerial Oppression Unit doesn't just sit idly by while you knock down trash and bosses. The unit constantly summons Walkie Shockie X1s that chase players, shield themselves, and leave damaging electric fields on the ground.

What changes in the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit's hard mode?

If you knocked down the first three bosses the right way, here's what changes for boss #4:

  • You'll no longer be dealing with Tank Buster MK1, but the more powerful Tank Buster MK2 variant. Not only does it have more health and deal more damage, it also relies on Fulminating Burst instead of Fulminating Zap.Phase 1 also sees the appearance of Walkie Shockie X2s, which are faster than the Walkie Shockie X1s of the normal fight.Once you've defeated Tank Buster, Phase 2 starts with a teleport that takes you to the center of the arena. The party healer also gets the debuff Anti-Trespassing Field. This field follows the healer and the entire party must stay within the field. If a member leaves the field, the group will be teleported to the center of the area again. The same will happen if you get caught by the Sentry Bots and Sentry Beams.This phase will not end until you reach the Overcharge Station with your party and perform a successful hack on it.

This is what it looks like to successfully master phase 2:

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Are there more hardmodes in Operation: Mechagon?

While no other hardmodes have been discovered yet, some players assume that there must be more secrets in Operation: Mechagon. Firstly, because there was no additional reward for mastering this hardmode. Second, because the Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes and Hertz Locker achievements sound like they require more than just knocking out bosses to complete. What do you guys think?