WoW: Oh, there you are! Meet old acquaintances again in Nazjatar


Nazjatar has a lot to offer visually, even if all the naga henchmen do detract from the paradisiacal atmosphere under the sea. Two old acquaintances from Azeroth, however, are not deterred by Queen Azshara's vendetta from spending their vacation in the realm of the Naga Witch.

On Reddit, resourceful WoW fans (buy now 14,99 € ) have spotted the whereabouts of the two fellows. Reddit user Alfa_One, for example, spotted the NPC team Epicus Maximus on top of a mountain west of Zanj'ir Terrace, patrolling at coordinates 29/19:

Epicus Maximus spotted from r/wow

WoW veterans already know the illustrious combination of a guitar-playing undead on a T-Rex with a laser rifle on a shark with a rocket pack from the beta of WoW: Cataclysm. At the time, Blizzard added the character to Maelstrom because players complained that the area was too boring.

Later on, Epicus Maximus apparently got bored there as well, so from then on he appeared as a gladiator in the battle guild and got beaten up by overpowered heroes. It's obvious that he had enough of that - who wants to fight against some guys day in, day out, who then let themselves be celebrated for their unfair victories?

So we fully understand that Epicus Maximus is longing for some rest and recuperation. It's hardly surprising that he's going to Nazjatar - after all, we didn't even know that the Naga Empire existed or where exactly it is until recently. The perfect place to escape the endless defeats in the battle guild.

Too bad the peace and quiet is over now. After all, the Horde and Alliance are currently causing quite a stir in the shoals beneath the sea. And then they discovered Epicus Maximus after only a short time! Even the steep cliffs that the poor gladiator of old thought were insurmountable are no obstacle to them.

Incidentally, a similarly sad fate as Epicus Maximus has to mourn our second old familiar NPC, which the Reddit user FoodtimeMTG discovered behind the sea wall in Nazjatar:

Ozumat in Nazjatar, Found behind the sea wall (from above) from r/wow

Much like Epicus Maximus, Ozumat probably just wants to be left alone - after all, we beat up the Kraken Patriarch in Throne of Tides during Cataclysm before he disappeared into the depths of the sea. But now we know where the servant of the Old Gods has been all this time: with his naga friends, presumably plotting revenge.

We already know that the Old Gods have a hand in Azshara's rise. It's possible that Ozumat's plans also play a role in this. While we'd do well to give Epicus Maximus a well-deserved vacation, we'd do well to keep a watchful eye on Ozumat. Who knows how the Naga will use him now that they seem to have further subjugated him to their will....