WoW: Not again - Patch 9.2 brings annoying minigames


When it comes to bringing some variety into the dull daily quest routine, the Blizzard developers certainly don't do a bad job in WoW. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but on the whole, there is hardly any MMO that offers so many different types of quests. Among them are always some very creative variants. But unfortunately also always rather annoying ones. A turtle made it to the water" still gives some players bad flashbacks and when I think of one or the other mini-game from Nazjatar, it sends shivers down my spine.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

Even more annoying - yes, you can

But if you thought that was the end of the annoyance, you haven't been on the PTR of WoW Patch 9.2 yet. Because there you can expect minigames that are even worse.
You have to choose three symbols that are completely the same or completely different in four categories (inner symbol, their number, outer symbol, their number). But choose wisely, because you must be able to form two more triplets with the remaining six. Source: buffed
As part of the Cipher of the First quest series, you will be confronted with the proto-locks for the first time by our new ally Firim, and will be told how we can open them in the future. Spoiler: There are quite a few locks waiting for us to pick in Zereth Mortis. However, the Cantarian, Mezzonian and Fugalian proto-locks are actually three different mini-games.

Turn off the lights!

The goal in each case is to knock out the various runes or boxes. Depending on the castle, this works differently. Sometimes you can operate all the boxes in a row or column at the same time (i.e. turn them on or off, depending on what they were before), sometimes you flip the switch on the one you clicked on and all the surrounding tiles. And in the third, you have to find pairs of three out of nine symbols that are either all different or all the same in the different categories.
If you click on a surface, it and the four directly adjacent ones change color. At the end, all areas must be dark. Source: buffed
In theory, this doesn't sound very complicated - but in practice it is, at least partially. Unlike the other mini-games, be it the world quests in Nazajatar or the puzzles in Torghast, you can't just complete them quickly and easily. At least two of the puzzles demand your brain power.

Time consuming and annoying

If you click on one of the icons, the whole row changes from on to off or vice versa. All lamps must be off at the end. The easiest of the three puzzles. Source: buffed

If your brain isn't like a calculator, you'll sometimes need some time to solve the puzzles. That's not so bad per se, but it can quickly become annoying. If you stumble over one of the boxes hidden behind a puzzle while questing and then spend minutes fiddling around, you'll quickly get frustrated and just leave the box there at some point - or is it just me?

And it's not particularly conducive to playing together either. If four people have to wait for minutes because one of the other players just can't crack his puzzle, then such a mechanic is annoying even for players who are very nimble and have found the right solution with just a few clicks.

Just about at the limit

It has to be said that such puzzle mechanics are of course especially suitable for crates, and apart from the introductory quests, we haven't encountered the mini-games in story quests or the like yet. Therefore, it annoys me personally to a certain extent, but I can definitely cope with it and also understand why Blizzard has built such mechanics into Zereth Mortis.

However, there is another area of use where I would like such games much better. I particularly remember the long quest series around Lucid Nightmare, where you had to solve a whole series of significantly trickier puzzles. Granted, it wasn't actually a "real" quest series, but one of the hidden mounts, but still.
Why not include a handful of fun quest series with various puzzle quests and such that you can get great mounts or pets through. I'd like that better than knocking down the same rare twelve times in the hope of getting a mount. Besides, I specifically take the time to solve such puzzles, which is why they can be a bit more difficult.

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