WoW: "My dad got banned, but he's not a bot, he's just old".


No matter what system Blizzard uses in the background to detect bots and remove them from circulation, it does not work flawlessly. Time and again, players are unjustly banned. We have already reported on such cases on buffed several times.

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He's not a bot, just old!

The most recent example of an unjustified ban hit a 70-year-old WoW fan who has been making Azeroth and Co. unsafe since Burning Crusade. But it wasn't him who spoke up in this post, but his desperate son "Mydadwasbanned". Why desperate? Because tickets and conversations with gamemasters had not led to a solution.

In the post, the son explains:

"He's just a 70 year old man who loves to quest and level new characters. He doesn't talk too much in chat. From the outside perspective, it might actually look like he is his bot. However, he is just an old man who loves the fantasy elements and the world of the game. He's probably created close to ten hunters so far."

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Reactions from Blizzard and Reddit

So the WoW player was banned for six months, Blizzard didn't see any reason to lift the ban until this point, and there were also numerous comments in the Reddit post that doubted the veracity of the story.

However, as with many other posts of this kind, the Reddit PR did not fail to have an effect. The post went viral, more and more people commented, and eventually there was a reconsideration that ultimately got the ban lifted. "Today, Reddit made a 70-year-old father very happy."

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"Mydadwasbanned" is of course also happy and thanks the community and the responsible Blizzard employee. At the same time, he also criticizes how many users have expressed themselves negatively or even toxically in the comments, because they assumed from the start that a swindler wants his bot account back here. Tjoa ... welcome to the Internet!

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