WoW: More pet sets! Creation catalyst cooldown reduced


The return of tier sets with patch 9.2 has generated mostly positive feedback in the WoW community. The various bonuses are well-designed and fun for the most part. Although the balancing was a bit on the ropes at the beginning (and still is in some places), it can still be considered a success. It also helped that the tier sets can no longer be obtained exclusively via the raid


Because with patch 9.2, the creation catalyst also came into play

, which allows our heroes to transform other equipment into tier set items of the same level. However, this possibility is limited, as the Creation Catalyst only gains one recharge per week - that's all.

Animal set forge cooldown reduced

However, exactly that has now been reduced. Since the latest ID reset (May 11, 2022), the Forge only needs four days to gain a full recharge.

In the previous weeks, it was still seven days per recharge.

While you might think that's plenty pointless since you can carry five set pieces anyway, it's not. Especially for players who are still in the middle of their progression, this makes it easier to decide whether they want to upgrade a lower-level item to a tier set piece or whether they'd rather wait a bit until they get a better piece so as not to waste the recharge.

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Have the charges on the Creation Catalyst hindered you in the past - or have you always been able to directly transform every item you wanted to? One thing is for sure though, no one will mind if we can now craft tier set items at a faster rate.

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