WoW: Leaks on 8.3 and 9.0? Alleged Blizzard employee holds AMA


WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Patch 8.2 is just around the corner and still many questions about the future of WoW remain open. Not only is there a lot of speculation and puzzlement about lore, but also about the game itself. What role will Sylvanas and the Old Gods play? What might happen in the next expansion? Will there be new classes and new allied races? All of these are just some of the big questions haunting the minds of WoW fans. Blizzard themselves are taking their sweet time answering these questions, of course. They don't want to give too much away.

Although ... a supposed Blizzard employee was in a remarkably talkative mood on 4Chan recently. In an unofficial AMA (Ask Me Anything / "ask me anything you want") round, he offered to answer any and all questions regarding Battle for Azeroth and the upcoming expansion. First of all, we don't know if this was a real Blizzard employee or if someone just wants to share their own speculations about the future of WoW! So his statements should be taken with a grain of salt. At the same time, we want to issue a spoiler warning at this point - just in case!

Sylvanas and the BfA storyline

  • Azshara will not die in BfA.In the final battle of BfA, it will be our job to save Sylvanas while sealing the prison of N'Zoth.Sylvanas survives in the end. She was willing to sacrifice everything to stop N'Zoth. However, not all of her actions are forgiven.There is debate as to whether Saurfang or Thrall will ultimately sacrifice themselves to save Sylvanas. Baine becomes the new Warchief, making peace with Anduin.Sylvanas and her allies flee to escape the Alliance's wrath.Patch 8.3 takes us to the sleeping city of Nya'lotha. We are said to be dealing with the largest zone to date - possibly splitting it into multiple areas. We will reach the zone via a portal.

The next WoW expansion

  • The next expansion will focus on the return and rise of the dragonflights.Furorion will play a correspondingly large role in this expansion.We will fight against the forces of death and Elune will stand by us in battle as a kind of aspect of light.In future expansions, more hidden islands will come to light.So far, plans call for 10.0 (the expansion after next) to take us to Ka'resh, the home of the Astrals, which was attacked by the Void Lords.There are plans for some sort of time travel to ancient Azeroth, where we will meet the Elven Queen Azshara.For 9.0, more leveling adjustments are apparently planned, plus, according to the leak, the developers are considering how to bring the factions closer together in the future without making War Mode completely nonsensical (the supposed Blizzard employee doesn't think things like mixed guilds or capitals open to all races being talked about will ultimately be implemented).Even before 9.0, the level squeeze to level 60 is supposed to happen. With the upcoming expansion we will then level to level 70.3 expansions are currently in the planning stages, one expansion has already passed the concept stage.There are no plans for World of Warcraft 2.The new class planned is the Tinker, who starts at level 50, wears chain armor and can take on the roles of tank, healer and damage dealer. As a tank you use a special power armor, as a DD you rely on stealth, bombs, mines and cannons. Healers use healing bots.Apparently there are plans for special class skins / prestige classes: Necromancer for Warlocks, Dark Shaman for Shamans, "Dragonsworn" for Druids.There are no plans to add new specializations to existing classes.There are no plans for High Elves or Sethrak as Allied races.The next Allied races will be Vulpera and Mechagnome.There is also talk of Ransomed Undead switching to Alliance side, as well as a new tribe of Wild Boars to use the Worgen Skeleton and join the Horde.Mythic-Plus will remain.There are no plans for a Dance Studio.There are supposed to be people working on new prototypes for Housing all the time. So far, no version has been convincing.There are no plans to offer WoW Free2Play at any point.

Supposed info about Blizzard

  • Many employees at Blizzard would not bring any special passion for WoW, it is just a normal job. Most of them apparently don't even play the game. The communication among each other would mostly take place via notes and papers. Direct communication would be rather rare according to the supposed leak source.Blizzard employees apparently don't get Blizzard games for free.With regards to the story, there is no "female agenda" according to the supposed leak. It wouldn't make sense either, the source said, since most WoW players are male.The current Blizzard games are the way they are because people pay for them, the source said.

We stress again: it's not clear if this 4Chan user is actually a Blizzard employee! Therefore, we also don't know if his answers are true. All the answers this supposed employee gave could be wrong!