WoW: Kill a level 15 Tyrannical boss solo? No problem for survival hunters


Survival Hunters are one of the least popular classes in WoW. This is partly because they are melee fighters, but also because they are quite weak in most comparisons - for example, in the DpS rankings in the current raid. In Mythic-Plus dungeons, they're not quite as weak, but they're still not really popular. Survival hunter Thedinokiwi, who soloed the tyrannical final boss in Bloody Depths at level 15, shows that they do have potential

, taking

advantage of the Tiny Dancing Shoes animabonus available to healers and damage dealers after defeating Soggodon the Breaker. This causes you to dodge the first two melee or ranged attacks cast on you in a fight. However, since the hunter has the boss tanked by his pet, the two stacks of the debuff will more or less remain for the entire fight.

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Now you'd think that a tyrannical level 15 end boss would knock out a pet like that in record time - but it doesn't. For many years, the companions of the hunters have benefited from their stats and buffs. And in this case, the buff to dodge the next two attacks. As long as the buff is active, the pet dodges all of General Kaal's attacks accordingly.

But since the pet has no direct buff, but only benefits from the hunter buff, it cannot lose stacks when dodging. Ergo: the hunter pet has a permanent dodge chance of 100% and takes no damage. At least as long as the actual hunter doesn't get hit by any attack. And with good movement you can avoid any direct hit in this fight. Only at the very end of the fight the hunter was careless and got hit twice. Fortunately, the pet died at the exact moment the boss was defeated.

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