WoW: Honor farming in TBC Classic is currently the horror


While Arena is the new kingpin of WoW PvP in the Burning Crusade era, Battlegrounds are used to farm honor to earn some hardening gear for the first few Arena matches or fill some gear slots with hardening gear for which there are no Arena counterparts.

Unfortunately, farming honor on the Battlegrounds is anything but fun at the moment. For one thing, the outnumbered faction has to wait a very long time for a battleground invite. On the other hand, the BG games in their current state hardly bring any honor even if you win. If you want to farm the entire blue PvP set plus items for all the other slots, you're in for a grind that's hardly inferior to the rank 14 madness

from Classic. The new PvP Trinket alone, with its 2 minute cooldown, requires many, many hours of farming.

It doesn't help that in the recent past, loopholes have made it possible to farm an enormous amount of honor in a short period of time. Loophole number 1 occurred at the beginning of the pre-patch, when players were able to fill up the entire honor cap within one day. After the hotfix, they were allowed to keep the earned honor. Loophole number 2 then affected the flags in the eye of the storm, which unexpectedly brought so much bonus honor that winning the game was no longer the main focus. That too has been fixed.

The point is, those who took advantage of these loopholes were able to gain a noticeable honor advantage. Those who didn't will now struggle through the battlegrounds or stay away from the BGs altogether. What do you guys think of this situation? Should Blizzard make adjustments here or persist with #nochanges? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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