WoW: Hidden DpS buff for warlocks is coming - thanks to their demons


Warlocks in WoW never travel alone, after all, in addition to DoT effects, shadow projectiles, and devilish flames, they also rely on demonic companions as well as cooldown spells that summon demons. Previously, however, spells and effects such as Shadow Wraith, Visitation, and Extermination only increased our DpS values, not those of our companions. But a hidden change in the latest PTR build of patch 9.1 puts an end to that: our dark little helpers and powerful cooldown monsters get bonus effects that were previously reserved for our sorcerers. How does this change the DpS values of the three witcher specs? Kalamazi from wowhead took a detailed look at this, and we bring you the highlights of his in-depth article. Demonic pets that don't rely on damage - like the Voidwalker - naturally don't benefit much from the damage boost on the PTR for Patch 9.1 in WoW. Source: Blizzard

Here's how the PTR change will alter the damage of witchers in patch 9.1

  • While Affliction and Destruction can expect about a 1-2 percent increase in damage, Demonology can expect as much as a five percent increase in DpS when relying on the From the Shadows and Fright Whip talents.
  • Shadow Wrap is a talent in the same tier as Visitation in patch 9.1 - so we can no longer use both at the same time.
  • Afflis' Darkvision doesn't do much damage with its Eye Beam, so the DpS boost is hardly noticeable. A pet like the Imp, on the other hand, benefits more.
  • Destroyers deal direct damage with their Hellbeast, which can be further increased by the medium Hellish Brand. This ensures that the Hellbeast skill Firebrand does more damage with each melee attack. Paired with Extinction and Chaos Rain, you can build a build that was RNG-heavy but has a lot of potential in terms of burst damage during Hellbeast Summon using Extinction.

The Chaos Rain talent allows Warlocks to get multiple Hellbeasts in WoW Shadowlands if they're lucky. Source: buffed

  • Demonologists, as suspected, benefit the most from the change that gives demons more DpS. While they don't have a direct damage booster like Extinction or Visitation, they do have From the Shadow, which at least increases Shadow Flame damage. So spells like Hand of Gul'dan, Demon Lightning, and Implosion. But the strongest is Demon Fire, which only the Demonic Tyrant casts.
  • While the single-target playstyle is unlikely to change, the new damage boost to Demons makes Out of the Shadows and Dread Whip much more interesting in Mythic+ and group battles because the change in damage boosts also improves single-target damage with this build: Out of the Shadows directly boosts Demon Fire of the Tyrant.
  • Combine this with the Carnivorous Stalker Medium, and there's a chance that another Horrible Bite will be triggered with each Stalker attack. The Legendary Wilfred's Signet of Superior Summoning also ensures that the Tyrant can be used once per minute.

Torghast will have a much stronger showing in Patch 9.1 when our Demonic Tyrants suddenly benefit from the From the Shadows talent. Source: buffed Whether this change regarding DpS boosts for Warlock demons will also be part of the final release of patch 9.1 is not yet 100 percent certain - after all, Blizzard never discussed this hidden customization. But the new functionality seems like a finished version of a change previously found in the 9.0.5 PTR, about which only a few spells had also strengthened demons at the time. In that respect, it's hope for warlocks, as the every spec would have some of that damage boost.

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