WoW: Have to buy flies in Shadowlands? Blizzard removes ambiguities


A few days ago, Blizzard published an official article around the requirements and unlocking flies in WoW Shadowlands. In it was a lot of already known information regarding the required fame level and quests. Not a huge surprise to most players. However, a wording of the developers hit high waves in the forums shortly after. Because in the text was the following passage:

  • Upon completing a quest contained within the "The Last Sigil" storyline, you'll be rewarded with Memories of Sunless Skies. This consumable item allows all characters on your account to purchase the Riding Skill needed to fly within the four main Shadowlands zones!
  • Upon completion of a quest within the "The Last Seal" storyline, you will be rewarded with Memories of Sunless Skies. This consumable item allows all characters on your account to purchase the riding skill needed to fly within the four main Shadowlands zones.

Blizzard talked about the fact that you earn through the quests only the purchase of the necessary riding skill. Of course, this left a lot of room for speculation, and so it didn't take long for the first (very crude) theories to be put forward. From buyable skills, like the cold weather flight in WotLK at that time, to flight skills that have to be bought for real money in the shop, the players' speculations ranged. But the reality is quite different. Blizzard apparently doesn't have it so with correct grammar and has merely expressed itself incorrectly.

Clarification from Blizzard

Because what the developers actually wanted to express with it, as they now announced in a comment to the operators of the site wowhead, was something else. Actually, they only wanted to express that the completion of the quests alone is not enough to be able to fly.

  • You must also have purchased the ability to fly. This is not something new that you can buy until you do. It is the normal Experienced Riding that allows you to use flying mounts.

So the vast majority doesn't have to buy anything at all. Only very few players who are new to WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

may still have to buy it. However, they are allowed to do so now and it is not the completion of the quest that allows them to do so.

The text in the official English article has also been adjusted in the meantime and now speaks of "... this consumable item allows all characters on your account who are proficient in Experienced Riding to fly...". The German article, however, still reads incorrectly. But given the state of community work at Blizzard, it's not likely that this will be adjusted either.

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