WoW: German patch notes of the hotfixes from December 9, 2021


Update from December 10, 2021:
The Blizzard developers have published the German patch notes of the WoW hotfixes from December 09, 2021. We have updated the message accordingly.

Original message from 09 December 2021:
Yesterday, on December 8, 2021, the time migration for WoW: Legion started for the first time. In the course of the event, you can not only visit the retro dungeons Raven's Weir, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Neltharion's Hoard, Guardian's Dungeon, and Court of Stars, but also the nostalgic variant of the Mage Tower.

Event launch with problems

The launch of the Legion event did not go flawlessly, however, which is why the Blizzard developers released a slew of hotfixes last night. Here is the summary:

  • Mythic Affix Hellish: Players can now have more than one instance of Hellish Core active.
  • Legion gear that you can purchase during the Time Walk event no longer requires level 60 to purchase.
  • Fixed a bug where Survival Hunters could trivialize the Mage Tower fight against Xylem.
  • The death and decay of Night Fae Death Knights no longer triggers the Law of Death encounter effect.

Below you can read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we will update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are applied server-side without the need to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect as soon as Blizzard implements them, whereas others will only take effect after an announced realm restart. Please note that some issues cannot be fixed without a client-side patch.

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WoW: Hotfixes from 09 December 2021 - official patch notes

Dungeons and raids

  • Time Walks
    • Mage Tower
      • Death and Decay no longer grants Night Fae Death Knights the hit effects of Right of Death.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed Survival Hunters to greatly simplify encounters with Xylem.
  • Affixes on Mythic+ difficulty
    • Hellish (Anachronistic Keystones)
      • Players can now benefit from Hellish Heat multiple times.

Items and Rewards

  • Legion gear sold during time walks no longer requires level 60.
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