WoW: German Patch Notes of the Hotfixes from 23 July 2021


Update, July 26:
Blizzard released the patch notes for the July 23 WoW hotfixes over the weekend.

Original post from July 23:
New day, new hotfixes for World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ). Compared to the last few days, however, the package of bug fixes turns out to be manageable. For example, there's a hotfix for the Hall of Fame: Sylvanas (Horde) achievement, thanks to which all players who were able to defeat Sylvanas on Mythic will finally be able to claim the title "Glorious Vanquisher of the Banshee Queen". Those who use the Silver Shardskin Pipe in Druid form will no longer have to worry about the activation failing and the toy still having a cooldown.

Below you can read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we will update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are applied server-side without the need to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect as soon as Blizzard implements them, whereas others will only take effect after an announced realm restart. Please note that some issues cannot be fixed without a client-side patch.

WoW Hotfixes as of July 23, 2021 - Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where Horde players who completed the Hall of Fame: Sylvanas achievement did not receive the title of Glorious Vanquisher of the Banshee Queen.


  • Priest
    • Fixed a bug where the legendary effect "Bwonsamdi's Pact" would disappear prematurely if the night fae ability "Faewatcher" lasted longer than 20 sec.

Items and Rewards

  • Shard of Domination
    • Blood Link target selection is now more reliable.
  • When using the Silver Shardskin Pipe toy in a Druid Shape, the Shape will now cancel and activate the toy instead of failing and triggering the toy's cooldown.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Animaboni
    • Priest
      • Fixed a bug where legendary effect Bwonsamdi's Pact was not benefiting from the animabonus Dreamspun Mushrooms.
  • Torment
    • Avenger no longer triggers a sound effect for every enemy killed.
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