WoW: Fucked up 10 times! These WoW bosses would have deserved more


In World of Warcraft, there are dozens of interesting characters with elaborate backstories dating back to Warcraft 3. Over the years, the villains from Warcraft books and the Warcraft games have of course also been implemented in Blizzard's online role-playing game. However, many super important characters from the lore get far too short or don't get a worthy send-off. The best example in the current expansion Shadowlands is Arthas Menethil.

Many glorious, powerful Waracraft characters stand around as nobodies in dungeons, without their true power or importance in the Warcraft universe being acknowledged. Other examples of this are the Old God N'Zoth or Queen Azshara, who at least made their appearance as the final boss of a raid and in Azshara's case also got an epic boss fight. Sure, N'Zoth and Azshara might have even deserved their own expansion, but many important Warcraft characters fare even worse.

10 Warcraft Characters Who Deserved More

In our list, we take a look at ten Warcraft villains whose potential Blizzard either completely wasted in WoW, or whose boss fight didn't do their character justice.

Fucked up 10 times! | These WoW bosses would have deserved more


Many WoW fans probably already know the giant beetle from Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The Neruber King was resurrected as an Undead Vault Lord by the then Lich King Ner'zhul and led the Undead in the final battle against his own people. Later, Anub'arak repelled Illidan's forces and helped Arthas reach the Frost Throne, making Arthas the new Lich King. So Anub'arak is an important character in lore and super powerful. As a player, however, you don't notice much of that in WoW.

The overpowered Neruber King is sent packing by us in the five-player dungeon Azjol-Nerub. Half the time he buries himself in the ground ... Later, he makes another appearance as a raid boss, but in the very unpopular raid Test of the Crusader. There, too, we fight him in a small, very unspectacular area. The Anub'arak really didn't deserve that.


First Lich King, in charge of Outland, trainer of Gul'dan, and so much more. With that profile, Ner'zhul would have deserved much more than a place as a dungeon boss in WoD's Shadowmoon Tomb. Source: Blizzard Ner'zhul is the prime example of this list of screwed up WoW characters. The Orc isn't just known for resurrecting Anub'arak. His deeds are among the most crucial in the entire Warcraft history. He was the teacher of none other than Gul'dan, started the conflict between the Orcs and the Draenei on Draenor, opened a series of unstable portals to Azeroth, and thus destroyed the planet we've known as Outland ever since.

From Kil'jaeden, his soul was put into the sword and armor that would later be worn by Lich King Arthas Menethil. You can't really get much more involved in the most important events of Warcraft history.

Instead of giving such an important character a proper role in WoW, Ner'zhul was packed into the five-player Shadowmoon Tomb dungeon in the Warlords of Draenor time travel expansion. In a rather unspectacular fight, he is defeated by every group that comes along and does not make an appearance later on. For us personally, this makes Ner'zhul the character in WoW where the developers wasted the most potential.


Malygos was the leader of the blue dragonflight and the aspect of magic. He wanted to usurp all the magic of Azeroth so that mortals could no longer handle it. Ordered by Alexstrasza, the heroes of Azeroth defeat the dragon in the raid The Eye of Eternity, where Malygos is the only boss.
WoW: Fucked up 10 times! These WoW bosses would have deserved more (2) Source: buffed Actually a cool story and a worthy raid for the dragon aspect. However, the battle itself will leave WoW players with a rather negative memory.

Most of the time you are busy shooting down Malygo's servants from flying discs. In the final stage, players have to move around on the back of a dragon with only a few action keys at their disposal. Instead of remembering how cool and powerful the Magic Dragon was, most players were stuck with Malygos' hated boss mechanics.


WoW: Fucked up 10 times! These WoW bosses would have deserved more (4) Source: Blizzard "Oh yeah, Loken. That final boss of um, what's that dungeon called again?" That, or something like it, is how Loken is remembered by most WoW players. He met a similar fate as Ner'zhu. He was charged by the Pantheon with protecting Azeroth as the Supreme Guardian. He led the Storm Giants, Earth Giants, and the Guardians Freya, Hodir, Mimiron, and Tyr, as well as his brother Thorim, the guard over Yogg-Saron.

With the help of the Soulforge and Ulduar, he created the Iron Dwarves, Iron Giants, and Iron Vyrkul, who waged war against the Earthen and watched over conquered Ulduar. This all sounds pretty important, and it is. Instead of a worthy backstory in the game and maybe a place as a raid boss, all he got was a place in a dungeon. Lame!


Pretty unepic. Instead of fighting a giant dragon, we only fight its claws in the boss encounter with Deathwing. Source: Buffed Yes, Deathwing was given more than enough respect, and even two final boss fights were dedicated to him in the Cataclysm expansion. However, the big, angry dragon is a prime example of how an epic character can be screwed up by a laughable boss fight.

With Deathwing's back, the developers tried their hand at what it would look like to fight on the back of a boss. In the end, it didn't look as epic as the developers had imagined, to say the least. After fighting on the back of the beast, Deathwing fell into the water and clawed at a couple of cliffs to keep from slipping into the maelstrom. This scenario must have sounded incredibly cool in the developers' minds as well.

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