WoW: First guild defeats Ragnaros in the championship season!


On November 17, 2021 it started, the first season of the championship of WoW Classic. With it: a world buff ban for the raid instances and crisper raid bosses, which have been given significantly more health points and new mechanics by the Blizzard developers. And indeed, these measures had an effect: Unlike in WoW Classic, there was still no world-first kill of Ragnaros to report at the end of the first ID.

EU Guild masters Molten Core

In fact, it was only now that an Alliance guild from the EU server Dreadnaught was able to pull off the feat and clean up the new version of Molten Core for the first time. Congratulations to the guild w h o! The raid setup was similarly melee-heavy as in WoW Classic - only supplemented by significantly more mages, hunters and healers: 10 x Warrior, 4 x Rogue, 6 x Hunter, 7 x Mage, 2 x Warlock, 1 x Healing Druid, 4 x Holy Paladin, 6 x Holy Priest.

It is remarkable how much damage the hunters do in the long fights - the top 3 (across all bosses) consists of huntsmen. One reason for this: the crossbow Blood Seeker, which the hunters can earn via Alterac Valley in the championship season as early as phase 1. In WoW (buy now )

Classic, the weapon was available much later. Mages and sometimes Warlocks also do very well, depending on the boss.

Here you can watch the whole run:

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The battle against Ragnaros was particularly nerve-wracking. When he disappeared defeated in the lava, there was hardly a character left alive. The streamer commented on the events with corresponding emotion.

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