WoW: Father of Lilian Voss discovered in the Shadowlands


When a resident of Azeroth dies, they enter the Shadowlands for their afterlife. It's no surprise, then, that players keep encountering familiar, deceased characters from World of Warcraft in the World of Death. Now, High Priest Benedictus Voss has joined the ranks of characters that can be found in the Shadowlands.

Benedictus Voss and His Afterlife in the Shadowlands

Benedictus Voss is best known to Horde players as the father of Lilian Voss. The High Priest and high-ranking officer of the Scarlet Crusade in Tirisfal gained notoriety for brutally training his daughter to grow as a weapon against the Scourge and Forsaken.

Anyone who creates an undead character in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) will encounter Lilian Voss, who has been resurrected as a Forsaken by the Valkyr since Cataclysm, in the Forsaken starting area. She refuses to acknowledge her new life as an undead. She flees Death's End to return to her father. We are tasked with chasing after her and eventually find out that her father disowns her as "no longer one of us" and wants her executed. We rescue Lilian, who eventually seeks revenge.

A little later, as part of the quest "Embrace of a Daughter", we accompany Lilian to Poisonweaver Valley to the Crusade Tower where her father is staying. We eventually kill Benedictus Voss along with Lilian, ushering in her new (in)life as one of the Horde's most important fighters.

Benedictus Voss unsurprisingly finds himself in the Shadowlands after his death. Players can currently find him in the Desmotaeron in the Maw, where he stews chained in a cell. It remains unclear how Voss got there. When he died, the machinery of death was still functioning properly. It is possible, then, that he first came to Revendreth and did not want to atone for his sins there, whereupon he was banished to the Maw. We think it unlikely that Voss fell directly into the Maw: there is no evidence yet that any inhabitant of Azeroth was found so evil that he was denied the chance to repent in Revendreth - even Garrosh came to Revendreth.