WoW: Either raids have become too hard, or half of the raiders are gone


A good five months after the opening of the Sanctum of Domination, as of today (9.11.21) 912 guilds have sent Sylvanas to the boards in mythic mode, according to This sounds unsurprising at first, but it is an alarming number.

At around the same time (just under half a year after release), more than twice as many guilds (2,227) had already defeated the previous Mythic final boss, Count Denathrius. This means that either raids have become too difficult, or half of the raiders simply don't play WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) anymore.

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  1. 1Numbersfrom heroic mode even more alarming
  2. 2IsSylvanas too hard?
  3. 3Wouldsmaller raids push mythic boss skills?
  4. 4Orare half the players simply gone?
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Figures from heroic mode even more alarming

Benevolently, one can argue that, after all, you haven't arrived at the point in time to the day where Raider is today compared to Castle Nathria. Also, one can include that wowprogress does not include data from far eastern countries. Nevertheless, even under these circumstances, you can tell from the numbers that half of the ambitious raid groups in Shadowlands have now thrown in the towel.

In Castle Nathria's heroic mode, nearly 22,000 groups have blown out Count Denathrius' lights, and only 8,000 raid groups have defeated Sylvanas on heroic. That's even more than half compared to Castle Nathria, who either don't even try the Heroic final boss anymore or maybe it's too hard for them.

Is Sylvanas too hard?

The special thing about the fight against the Banshee is that the hot phase starts after just under ten minutes and the entire fight can last up to 15 minutes. If more than one raider dies a virtual death in these ten minutes, you can almost skip phase 3. If you get to phase 3 after six attempts and fail right there, you've already spent an hour of your raid evening on Sylvanas (not counting breaks, meetings, etc.). This is frustrating, of course.

On top of that, the developers have tightened up with the difficulty level in Shadowlands. Heroic mode was considered farm mode in the expansions before it after several playthroughs. Castle Nathria has shown that even ambitious Mythic guilds can no longer easily master the final boss in Heroic mode in the first raid ID, and sometimes not even in the second. The situation is similar in the Sanctum of Domination. Even with the upgraded Legendarys and a full set of Domination sockets, the Banshee poses challenges for many guilds. Sylvanas couldn't even defeat 200 guilds in the first ID.

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Would smaller raids push Mythic boss skills?


guilds in particular, which can only recruit players from their own server pool before the Hall of Fame is closed, have problems filling their raid with 20 qualified players. This is now leading to more and more discussions about abolishing the Hall of Fame and people are even thinking about letting Horde and Alliance raid together, which even Game Director Ion Hazzikostas no longer rules out.

In the community, some people are longing for smaller raid groups for the highest difficulty mode, as was the case last time in MoP. That could at least be one approach to getting more guilds on the scoreboard on wowprogress.

However, past experience has shown that in smaller groups the roles and classes are pretty set and leave little room for maneuver: 1 warlock for health stone and soul stone, a monk and demon hunter each for melee and magic debuff, a priest for stamina buff, a mage for intelligence, and a warrior for attack power. If you add two tanks and two healers, there is hardly any variation in the DpS slot for smaller groups if you want to get the most out of them.

Or are simply half of the players gone?

The fact that only half of the mythic and even fewer of the heroic guilds have defeated the final boss of the current raid does not necessarily mean that WoW has lost 50% of its players since patch 9.1. But it can be assumed...

With an increasingly strong FFXIV and the recently released New World, some players have certainly said goodbye to WoW. Add to that the content drought in Blizzard's MMO, which has never been as severe as it has been in the last two years. This is again reflected in the MAUs (Monthly Active Users) from Activision Blizzard's third quarter financial report. In four years, the company has lost about half of its users. Diablo 2: Resurrected was the main draw this quarter.

How do you see the situation around heroic and mythic raids in Shadowlands? Have you beaten Sylvanas yet, or haven't you tried at all? Do you encounter any problems when recruiting? We're looking forward to hearing your opinions in the comments.

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