WoW: Dragonflight: Recrafting - new feature should massively upgrade crafting!


Improving crafting is one of the things that the WoW developers have set their sights on for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. This is a mammoth task that many generations at Blizzard have failed at. However, this was mostly due to the fact that they didn't want to move too far away from the familiar system and always just turned the screws instead of completely turning the system upside down. With the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, however, that's exactly what's happening.

In a new announcement, the developers also introduced the system recrafting. With this, an important point of frustration should disappear from the crafting. In the future, you won't have to fret if your crafted item is no longer any good - you can simply have it improved or rebuilt by the craftsman of your choice!

WoW: Dragonflight: The most massive crafting conversion. Since ever.

Recrafting is the magic word

With the new recrafting feature, which is currently still in early development, we should be able to drag existing crafted items back into the crafting window and rebuild them there


With the help of a certain reagent, we can then rebuild it with better materials, optional reagents, or even just the now-improved skill level of the crafter, if necessary. It will probably even be possible to change and customize the secondary stats on the items in question.

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The whole thing works not only as a crafter, but apparently even if you don't practice the profession yourself. Simply go to your favorite crafter with your item, drag item into the window, and let him work.

The new system is currently still in development and by no means final, as the developers emphasize. The goal, however, is to ensure that crafters' items don't only have relevance once the profession is fully skilled. It should not feel bad to reach for high-end items of the professions relatively early on, even if the craftsmen cannot yet produce them in perfect versions. Because now you can just have them upgraded later.

Also the possibility to change the secondary values (which the developers are still thinking about at the moment) should meet with a lot of approval. Especially with the classes and playstyles, whose values change several times in the course of a patch.
What do you think of such a recrafting system? Can it really help bring crafting back to golden times, or is it the next half-baked attempt to save something that's been lost for a long time? What would the crafting of WoW (buy now )

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