WoW: Danuser speaks plainly - "Of course the sword still plays a role".


After we were able to defeat and banish Sargeras at the end of WoW: Legion, he took his revenge and thrust his oversized sword into the side of Azeroth in one last, desperate move. There, in the heart of Silithus, it has stood ever since. In the subsequent Battle for Azeroth expansion, we did all sorts of work to rid it of corruption with the power of our artifact weapons, but we were unable to remove the memorial to Sargeras' attack. Now that our heroes have returned from beyond Shadowlands, many WoW players had hoped that we would finally take care of this sword.

But fiddlesticks. When we asked about it in our interview about WoW Dragonflight, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas only replied that it was not much more than "a big shard" after our use in BfA

. When Asmongold asked about it, Hazzikostas even just replied, "What, what sword?" Also read these interesting stories6

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Danuser speaks plainly

On the other hand, Steve Danuser, Narrative Lead at Blizzard, i.e. the boss when it comes to telling the upcoming stories, spoke about the topic without any irony. In an interview with Forbes, he revealed that the sword in Silithus will very well still have an important role in WoW (buy now )


"We haven't forgotten about the sword" Danuser spoke, going on to explain that the sword is a sort of memorial to the fight against Legion. "Players should keep that in mind" and they will definitely bring back that storyline "when the time is right."

There is still a story to be told about the sword and what impact it has on our world of Azeroth, he said.

In an interview with Talin & Eviutel, Danuser confirmed back in 2020 that the sword would still play a role. Apparently, nothing has changed in that regard so far. Why Ion Hazzikostas couldn't just openly tell us and others, however, remains unclear. Either Danuser blurted something out here that should not be communicated yet, or Hazzikostas did not want to reveal it himself. Maybe he was just tired, considering the fact that he was asked about the sword in almost every interview in the past years.

However, Danuser did not reveal what story is waiting for us around the sword. It is quite likely that the sword will not play a special role in the first patches of WoW: Dragonflight. However, it's entirely possible that we'll return to it in the upcoming expansion and that the story will then, in a sense, introduce the subsequent expansion. But of course, this is all pure speculation.

What do you think is in store for Silithus in the future? Do we just pull out the "great shard" or is there perhaps more to it? Will Sargeras return at some point and take the sword back? Tell us your wishes and fears in the comments.

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