WoW: Companion App now also includes WoD Garrison missions


The WoW Companion App continues to enjoy some popularity among players. Because you can use it not only to read the latest hotfix news and write in the guild channel, but also to use the calendar or send your followers on missions. Since the latest update, this is now also possible for the somewhat older expansion Warlords of Draenor. At that time, the follower missions introduced with the garrison were completely new and enjoyed high popularity, at least for earning gold. Unfortunately, the latter is no longer feasible today. But doing the old missions on the side still makes sense, at least partially.

The old missions allow you to capture garrison resources, which you can use to buy goods from your garrison's trading post. There you can get old materials that were current in WoD. And they can be useful for one or another item. One of the most prominent examples is the goblin ladder kit

. It was very popular again, especially at the beginning of Shadowlands, but the ability to fly made it somewhat obsolete. In the Maw and in Korthia, however, it is still very practical for bridging long distances quickly and safely from elevated positions. Source: buffed Source: buffed

Although there are plenty of gliders in the auction house, you can easily save the gold if you have an engineer at hand. The resources can be conveniently farmed along the way, and every now and then you just have to go to the garrison rest stone and trade them for the ores you need.

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