WoW Classic: Season of the championship also makes Onyxia harder


As we know, Blizzard developers are making numerous changes to WoW Classic in order to present us with crisp challenges in the first season of the championship, which is scheduled to start as early as November 17.

  • Step #1: No World Buffs in Raid Instances
  • Step #2: All bosses have significantly more health points
  • Step #3: In Molten Core, new mechanics have been added to all bosses

What the latter means in concrete terms, we had already summarized for you in this article

. Get ready for a lot more boss servants, coordinate multiple bombs at Baron Geddon at the same time while dodging deadly patches of flame, and avoid the mirror images of Shazzrah, which each cast their own Arcane Explosions. Oh, and Ragnaros gives you a Sons phase at 50% health in any case.

And what about the dragon diva Onyxia? Well, Blizzard hasn't forgotten Onyxia's hoard, of course. In the meantime, the beta testers have found out what the broodmother is up to:

  • When you pull Onyxia, two Black Dragons also land, which you'll need to take care of as well.
  • Onyxia's Wardens continue to spawn in Stage 2, but they now only have about 90,000 health.
  • When Onyxia is in the air, she regularly casts her Fireball on random players, but it now has a much longer range and disorients those hit. Doubly nasty when all players are trying to escape breathing ...

What the battle looks like in action can be seen in the following video:

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What do you think of the new Onyxia variant? Are these changes enough to get you excited for the championship season? Tell us in the comments.


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: Retro trailer with Onyxia fight from 2004. From Karsten Scholz
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