WoW: Asmongold criticizes Blizzard's greed and has given up on the community


Microtransactions have been part of Blizzard's business in WoW for years. Every few months, players have the opportunity to buy mounts, pets and now even transmog sets via the store for real money. Special mounts for a 6-month subscription

are given to the player as a gift when the subscription is extended, and the mount is later removed from the game so that it "may be available again at a later time. "We have

already looked at how quickly and easily Blizzard can generate money with store mounts in the article

Store mounts

- goldmine or drop in the bucket?

This is why store deals work so well in WoW

This triggers FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in players and entices players to buy new mounts because the store mounts tend to look much more high-resolution and detailed than most other mounts in the game that you can get without real money.

With the cute Murloc baby backpacks and stargazer set, there is now also a transmog set in the store that puts most other transmog items in WoW to shame with its effects and detail. Someone who foresaw and admonished against these practices years ago is World of Warcraft's (buy now €14.99 ) biggest influencer Asmongold.

Asmongold has been warning for years about more and more microtransactions in WoW

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Referring to his earlier comments about this situation and the new items in the WoW store, Asmongold said, "The reason it's bad is because the sets in the game won't end up looking as good as the sets that are put in the store. And I think you can argue, 'I like this set (Tier 22) better than this other set (purchasable transmogs).'

But you know what you can't make an argument for? That the Tier 22 sets weren't better designed, that this set wasn't more unique, and that there wasn't more effort put into this set than the store set. "

Disappointment with the look of the new tier sets in Patch 9.2 was already high in the introduction video for the upcoming update. The thorn sits all the deeper that only a short time later an even prettier Transmog set landed in the store for real money. However, the mythical sets from Mausoleum of the First give hope.

Asmongold has given up on the player base on this point

Asmongold went on to "prove" his point by noting that there are unique 3D assets for the purchasable Skywatcher ensemble in the WoW Store that are missing from the new gear set in Patch 9.2.

He continued his crusade against microtransactions in WoW, saying, "Here's the thing: If people want to buy this stuff these days, I don't care. It doesn't matter anymore. There are so many problems with the game, who cares.... I've pretty much lost that battle with the player base.
The Sky Watcher ensemble in WoW is much higher resolution and has special optical effects that no other item in the game has. However, the set is only available via a store package. Source: Blizzard "I've tried for years to convince the gaming community that these things are bad for the game, but they refuse to

listen to me. And now things like this are coming and people are still finding excuses for it. "

He ended his thoughts with a comparison between Blizzard's WoW and Amazon's New World, noting, "If you compare Blizzard's greed to Amazon's, Amazon usually comes out ahead."

"Blizzard is now greedier than Amazon"?! Whew, now that's a statement. What's your take on microtransactions in WoW? Has the whole thing gotten out of hand now, or do you think it's still within reason with the offers? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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