WoW: After feedback - Blizzard changes color of mount from season 4


In Season 4 of Shadowlands, WoW players will once again get the chance to earn special season mounts via Mythic-Plus Keystones and Rated PvP, which will disappear from the game afterwards. WoWHead's dataminers have already found the two mounts for Season 4 in the game files and show us what the Restoration Deathwalker looks like for the Keystone Master in Season 4 and the Eternal Gladiator's Soul Eater for the Gladiator title. With that said, we already know the next Gladiator title (Eternal Gladiator), which is probably one of the coolest PvP titles we've seen so far.

WoW Shadowlands Season 4 Mounts (PvP and PvE)

Eternal Gladiator's Soul Eater (Gladiator)
WoW: After feedback - Blizzard changes color of season 4 M+ mount (1) Source: WoWhead
Restoration Deathwalker (Keystone Master)
WoW: After feedback - Blizzard changes color of season 4 M+ mount (2) Source: WoWhead

Again only Recolors, but one customization

This means that players will once again receive the same mount as from the previous season, only in a different color. Although the mounts are so special because they will eventually disappear from the game, the WoW community is not particularly excited about the third recolor in a row. Fans even designed their own idea, as seen in this tweet:

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New colors are fine, but the color scheme should be made a bit more exciting, that's the unanimous opinion of the players. And indeed, Blizzard has responded to the feedback. Below you can see the updated model of the Season 4 mount for the Keystone Master achievement.
WoW: After feedback - Blizzard changes color of Season 4 M+ mount (3) Source: Blizzard It remains to be seen whether the developers will also come up with something for the Gladiator mount. After the adaptation for the M+ mount, that would actually only be logical. What do you think of the new color scheme? Is the new color enough or would you like to have a new mount every season? Write us in the comments.

Source | WoWHead

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