WoW: A problem then as now - lack of fuel in Burning Crusade Classic


The more hours I put into WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, the more I remember what a strange beast of an expansion Outland Adventure was then (and still is now). Just take the whole PvE endgame with the big focus on dungeons and raids, with reputation factions and sometimes quite long attunement quest lines.

Actually, I totally like all of that. The attunement process through almost all of the content is motivating, the heroic dungeons turn out to be surprisingly challenging even by today's standards in some cases, and there are some equally good alternatives or even better options for character progression aside from the raid loot. And with my guild buzzing and humming like a busy beehive during the first few weeks of TBC, it was also no problem for my rogue to master all the dungeons necessary for attunements and reputation grind in no time.

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Round Two: Where are the Tanks?

In the meantime, however, it is clear that I will play my priest in the main raid in phase 2, and with him I am currently experiencing live the other side of the TBC coin. By now, most of the full-time tanks have done their attunements and reputation grinds. Plus, I'm sure many of them have taken the hits in dungeons more than once just for friends and guildmates, and they're still doing that every now and then.

However, they are now just focusing on other things, their twinks, PvP preparations, activities away from WoW (buy now €14.99 )

or whatever. At the same time, you don't get the feeling that there's enough tank new blood coming in on the twink front. That was true back then. What wasn't back then is that today you're much more likely to run into Feral Druids or Protection Paladins. For random groups, though, even those seem reluctant to tank, or if there's a whopping drinking gold from the rest of the group.Recommended EditorialContentThisiswhere you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal information, external embeds will not be displayed until you confirm this by clicking "Load all external content":Load all external contentIagree to have external content displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. More about this in our privacy policy. Externalcontent Read more in ourprivacy policy.

I find all of this understandable. If I were a full-time tank, I'd need a break after the reputation and attunement craze for now, too. And doing heroic dungeons in random groups even though you don't need anything from them aside from badges? That can get on your nerves even as a damage dealer and healer. As a tank, you also have to live with the fact that TBC phase 1 can be a bit of a cramp; in terms of optimally equipping your tank, but also in terms of aggro building on multiple targets.

In NHC dungeons, this isn't a problem. Tanking DDs you heal against for a while if need be. The mobs die very quickly anyway. And even an offensive warrior with his standard equipment can be healed well as a tank in the Shadow Maze, for example (just tried it out this weekend!). But it's different in heroic dungeons, where aggro on the wrong player, not kicked fear effects or not dispelled control effects can quickly lead to a wipe. And here it's not enough to just bring in some feral or offensive warrior as a tank. Without crit immunity and enough armor and health, even real tanks (i.e. with tank talents) will quickly be in the dirt.

Nerfs and facilitations with announcement

There is quite a bit of criticism in the WoW community about Blizzard toning down the raids and dungeons so much back in the day and eliminating or at least lightening the attunement requirements. Even now, though, in TBC Classic, we realize why Blizzard had to take these steps. For new players or twinks, it can already be a pain to do all the necessary homework for Phase 2 and Phase 3 if you can't find a group for Arkatraz or Shattered Halls Heroic after hours of searching.

The situation will get even worse if everyone wants to rush into the Black Temple, but you have to have mastered the Phase 2 raids for that, which in turn requires you to have done the Phase 1 attunements. As a raid leader back in the day, I witnessed firsthand how much "fun" it is to drag newly picked up characters through this complete grind over and over again.

So I'm not surprised that Holly Longdale announced nerfs for Phase 1 content in her interview with Venruki

. Likewise, I expect that sooner rather than later the access requirements for Karazhan and the Heroic dungeons will be softened (Hero access from Benevolent, Karazhan access with only one key per raid). While this won't get more tanks onto Outland, it may make it a little easier to motivate existing tanks to do a dungeon run.

And maybe Blizzard will think about introducing Dual Talent

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