WoW: 9.2 waiting room? According to Mike Ybarra, there is still plenty to do in WoW


Last week, Blizzard surprisingly announced a yet-to-be-announced survival game, and players in WoW were able to get the new Mount Wen Lo via a 6-month subscription. But were those already the big announcements Blizzard lead Mike Ybarra had been talking about lately? Apparently so, because no more news came in the past week until January 28, 2022.

To put it mildly, we had hoped for something more. Ybarra continues to tease fans and recently promised in his Twitch stream that more reveals will be announced soon. Although he stressed that he wasn't in a position to talk about the Activision-Microsoft deal at the moment, Ybarra did take the time to answer a handful of other questions.

Still plenty to do in WoW patch 9.1.5.

He acknowledged that while some players are simply waiting for patch 9.2, he still has plenty to do in the game - like collecting Transmog and leveling up his rogue twin - though he'll likely continue playing Warrior and try to start tanking Mythic+ since he usually plays DPS. Although the avid Mythic+ runner was on the PTR, he passed up keys since his UI wasn't set up yet.

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Ybarra also stated that he won't be unveiling the next WoW expansion when the time comes, but that someone from the Warcraft team will do so instead - this is roughly in line with previous announcements, as game directors or executive producers generally have the pleasure of announcing new projects at BlizzCon or other big events. As in the past, he again emphasized that he runs Blizzard Entertainment, not World of Warcraft in particular, so some questions would be better directed to them.

The wait continues

In response to another audience member who mentioned the surprise announcement of the survival game, the Blizzard lead once again stated that we will be hearing announcements for other franchises very soon

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While WoW players have time for transmog runs, achievements, and other pursuits in the 9.2 waiting room, it's not guaranteed that the "soon to arrive" updates to Blizzard's franchises will have anything to do with WoW at all. Just recently, important features around the tier sets were once again thrown over the top. So WoW players will have to be patient for a while longer. What did you expect from last week's announcement? Write us in the comments!

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