Blizzard has released quite a bit of information about Oribos, which will be the main outpost of the heroes of Azeroth. Oribos is also known as the Eternal City. It is located in the central location of the Shadowlands. 


In this holy place, Horde and Covenant representatives will be forced to put aside their conflicts. Similar to Dalaran or Shattrath, the city will be accessible to both factions. 

It will be possible to visit the Arbiter's chambers in the highest part of Oribos. However, the Arbiter is dormant, so souls passing through the Soul Stream in the center of Orbios are now heading straight for the Maw, rather than being justly judged and sent to the place they deserved.

Oribos will offer all the things players need such as profession trainers, a bank, a barber shop, etc. 

The city will have portals to all the lands of the Shadowlands add-on as well as to Wichrogrod and Ogrimmar. 

The creatures who live here believe in the infinite wisdom of the Arbiter and in some sort of grand plan, idea, or goal.


ATTENDANTS - Oribos is under their protection. Mysterious beings who were created to look after the Eternal City and ensure the Arbiter can perform his duties. They stand guard and keep order. They believe in the wisdom of the Arbiter and are completely devoted to him.

BROKERS - They come from one of the realms of the Shadow Realm, the name of which is unknown. They seem eager to assist mortals who come to Oribos, offering their expertise in obtaining raw materials and transforming them into useful goods. They offer a wide variety of exotic goods. Even so, only they know of their true intentions. 


THE SOUL STREAM - A stream of souls flows through the middle of Oribos, made up of all the mortal souls that come to the Shadowlands. Each of them should have been judged by the Arbiter, but this does not happen and they are sent straight to the Maw. The Cloak is the place where only the most degenerate were supposed to go. 

RING OF FATES - Now that mortals are roaming the Lands of Shadow, Oribos is attracting Brokers from the various lands of the Realm of Death to offer their goods and services. The place will be a trading district of sorts.

RING OF TRANSFERENCE - The Eternal City has long been isolated, but the effects of the anime crisis have forced it to reopen, allowing travelers to enter and exit freely. From here, players will be able to travel to all the realms of the Shadow Realm using portals or griffins.

THE ARBITER'S CHAMBER - From his sacred chamber atop Orbios, the Arbiter judged every mortal soul entering the Shadowlands. It had been so since the dawn of time. Now, however, souls merely fly past the dormant Arbiter and rush into the Maw. Desperate citizens of the city tried in vain to solve the mystery. Some even began to doubt the grand plan.