Yesterday Blizzard on the official website of World of Warcraft released an extensive article, which contains a lot of information about Bastion. Bastion is one of the new lands that we will come to visit in the next supplement. 

Heroes of Azeroth after getting out of so called Maw after some time end up in Bastion. The creatures inhabiting this land are surprised that the living mortals have found them. The place, which at first glance seems to be a paradise, has a big problem. No new souls have found their way here for a long time, because as we learned at the last BlizzCon, Sylvana and the so-called Jailer broke the "death machine" and all souls go straight to the Maw. The lack of souls means that the magical energy of this place, or anima, is running out.



Noble beings who guide souls to Oribos before the face of the egalitarian Arbiter. New souls arriving in the Bastion become aspirants, and if they prove themselves and pass the ritual, they will be gifted with wings and join the ranks of the "Ascended". In the beginning you will have to prove your worth to them by doing various tasks.


Beings born of the magic of death, who take part in the training of aspirants. They stand guard over Bastion, but also keep it in order.

Occasionally, an aspirant will fail to complete the rite of passage. Then these once bright souls blacken, lose themselves, and wander lost in Bastion. 

Anime-powered entities that, like the Stewards, train aspirants and guard the land. 

These creatures are the embodiment of the suffering Kyrians have endured during their lifetime. Kyrians must face and defeat them, then they will find peace and serenity. 


Players at the highest level will be able to choose 1 of 4 factions to enter an Alliance with. Each Alliance offers heroes different abilities, as well as different powers or cosmetic rewards that will be unlocked by completing a unique campaign. Each Alliance also offers the player access to a unique Sanctuary.

If you join Kyrian, you will gain two unique abilities. The first will depend on your class, and the second will allow you to summon a Creature to fight on your side.
By joining the Alliance, you will be able to undergo an ancient ritual. This will make you able to bind your soul to some of their most powerful members. In this way, your character will use their power, gaining access to various bonuses. In the case of the Alliance with the Kyrians it will be possible to bind your soul with that of Uther, for example. 
For your contribution to the Kyrian Alliance you will be rewarded with several cosmetic rewards such as a mount, a pet or armour forged by the Kyrians. 


The forces of Maladraxxus (the land from which the Lich King drew his strength) have attacked Bastion! Thirsty anime monsters have plundered a certain temple. The heroes will have to face the invaders to save Bastion from destruction! 

Instance will consist of 5 bosses. Available from level 50 (in the new scale!) in three difficulty levels, namely Normal, Heroic and Mythic.

Blightbone - sewn together from several bodies, just like the Plague. Sent to Bastion to cause unrest among the enemy ranks. Created by Stitchflesh.
Amarth - the powerful, sadistic leader of the necromancers of Zolramus.

Stitchflesh - is responsible for creating the terrifying abominations in Zolramus. He approaches his duties with maniacal zeal. 

Nalthor the Rimebinder - the main commander responsible for the attacks on Bastion.