"World of Warcraft: Malfurion" is another novel from the Warcraft universe, which has finally been published in Poland! The book written by Richard A. Knaak tells the story of the time between the additions Wrath of The Lich King and Cataclysm. As the title of the book suggests, the main character is Malfurion Stormwrath, the older brother of the no less famous Illidan. 

Malfurion has led a relatively peaceful life so far, strolling through the Emerald Dream and making sure that peace and harmony always reigned there. However, the idyll could not last indefinitely, as it does on the world of Azeroth...

Emerald Dream is a dimension of primordial Azeroth that has not been "tainted" by civilization.

Eventually, another threat emerged! The Emerald Dream began to transform into the Emerald Nightmare! Creatures of all races, regardless of the continent they inhabited, began to fall into a sleep so deep that it was impossible to wake them up. Moreover, they were plagued by horrible nightmares in their dreams. Malfurion himself was unable to resist the strange power and fell into its trap. He left his dream form on Azeroth while his spirit form was tortured in Nightmare by the so-called Nightmare Lord. He used Malfurion's powers to spread warfare in the Emerald Dream. The situation seemed truly hopeless, however his friends did not leave Shan'do alone.

Tyrande and Broll set out to rescue him, gaining some very special allies along the way: Lucan Foxblood, a man with unclear connections to the Dream, and the orc Thura, who wants to avenge the death of her uncle and the green dragon Eranikus. They form an unusual mix and we can only hope that their efforts will be enough to save all of Azeroth from destruction...

Tyrande, the beloved of Malfurion

I love Knaak for this lightness of writing! The book is read in one breath, you can't tear yourself away. The whole plot is fast-paced, holds you in suspense and the most important moments interweave with descriptions of different parts of Azeroth falling into the clutches of the Nightmare. All this makes that we are not able to stop reading, because we have to know its continuation! Surely, everyone will notice while reading how big the number of plots is - much bigger than in the last novels. This results in a very rich plot line which, as the plot develops, starts to combine and intertwine in a great way.

Richard A. Knaak

As a fan of the Druid class, I was very fascinated by the description of their rituals, transformations into animal forms, and their bond with nature. The author perfectly mirrored my ideas of what it was like to be a druid, adding a lot of extra tidbits. I enjoyed it so much that after reading, I logged on my druid and visited the lands that appeared in the book.

I read the novel for the first time courtesy of Insignis and I must say that it is definitely one of the best, if not the best title from the Warcraft universe that I have had the pleasure of reading. I highly recommend it to all fans of our beloved universe!