New WoW Poll - Blizzard asks: Are you satisfied with Shadowlands? Take part!


Already for the newly set up WoW Classic servers, the developers of World of Warcraft have sent around surveys via email to randomly selected players. Now the devs want to know what you think of the Shadowlands features. Once again, random players were asked via email. Below you can find the three attached questions.

1. how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the features implemented in patch 9.1.5?

New poll: Blizzard wants to know if you are satisfied with WoW Shadowlands (2) Source:
With patch 9.1.5, the WoW devs mainly responded to the negative feedback of the previous features. The patch was packed with feel-good updates and facilitations, some of which were already requested in this form during the beta phase of Shadowlands.

2. How often do you watch video content (for example on YouTube)?

New poll: Blizzard wants to know if you are satisfied with WoW Shadowlands (3) Source:
Blizzard wants to know how often you watch videos on demand. So it's not about livestreams to WoW (buy now ), but YouTube videos and so on.

3. Does bad behavior from other players affect your participation in any of the following WoW content?

New poll: Blizzard wants to know if you are satisfied with WoW Shadowlands (4) Source: With patch 9.1.5, the developers have also focused on punishing players more severely who, for example, insult others. Among other things, the ignore list has been made account-wide and you even get a pop-up window asking you to report insults and other wrong behavior in the game.

Are the developers learning this time?

The previous survey for retail WoW was over a year ago

. Back then, they wanted to know from players how they found the features around the pacts in Shadowlands. As it turned out a year later, the developers apparently couldn't take much from the survey or evaluated it incorrectly. Only with patch 9.1.5 and also soon with patch 9.2 the gross errors of the pact system will be fixed.

How would you vote?

We have taken the liberty of rebuilding Blizzard's survey - at least the questions shown in the screenshots above by WoWHead, which are known. If you want, you can vote yourself below - and we're curious to see how your opinions overlap with those of other players. Assuming, of course, that Blizzard makes the results available at some point.

Create your own user feedback poll.

And even if we don't get a look at that, we wonder how you would vote. Of course, we won't withhold the results from you!

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