The final Battle for Azeroth Ny'aloth raid has been available on the Public Test Server for some time now. As always, players were given the opportunity to check out the bosses of this raid and one of them will be the hero of this article. We are talking about Il'gynoth, whose return caused quite a sensation!

The famous whispers of the spawn of the Old Gods are back!

What, I whisper to us, seems very interesting and may suggest the future of World of Warcraft.

Before the last shadow falls, the Dreamfather will begin his feast. 

The most popular theory is that the Dreamfather is Mueh'zala. Mueh'zala is mentioned in the book Traveler, where during a dialogue we learn that the day will come when we will fight him. If we fall, he will devour the whole world.

The second clue is a tablet located in Zul'Farrak. Mueh'zala is called the God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, Friend of the Night. Could it be that he is the mysterious head of the Bwonsamdi? We may also suspect that his influence goes much further. Ny'alotha is called the Sleeping City, and Mueh'zala is the Father of Sleep...

A golden person takes the vacant throne. The Crown of Light, however, will only bring darkness.

Here, it is most likely about Calia Menethil, who took over the title of leader of the Abandoned after Sylvan.

The Light has made a deal with the enemy of all.

Is this about the fact that Calia, as an emissary of the Light, has been brought back to life as an Undead? It's hard to say.

When their mistress calls, nine crows take flight. Each of them seeks a prize, to be appreciated.

The first thought would be the Valkyries. There were 9 of them, now there are 3 left on Azeroth if I'm not mistaken, and the others are most likely in the Shadowlands. It will be interesting to see if their Mistress is Sylvanas or perhaps Helya, the first Valkyrie. From the quests on Expedition of the Isles we learn that she is not dead and continues to play out her party somewhere.

The Guardian of Life has committed treason. Watch out for the green eyes. 

There were several theories here. For me, the most interesting is the one that says that Eonar is the traitor. During the raid, Antorus repeatedly brings us back to life after death, which leads to a disturbance in the balance, so it is a betrayal from the point of view of Death.

The five lanterns now dim. The fire they seek will light the way of the Lord.

Five lanterns like the five Dragon Aspects dimmed because they lost their power. It is possible that in the new addition they will seek to regain their power, and that power will allow the Lord (I suspect this is Mueh'zal) to leave the Shadowlands.

The blind queen holds a scepter made of bone. From the deep depths she cries out for destruction.

Here it may be about Tyrande, who has lost herself, consumed by a lust for vengeance for the destroyed Teldrassil. 

The clever kneel before six Lords, but serve only one.

To me this is a reference to the six cosmic energies, viz: Void, Light, Order, Chaos, Life and Death.

It promises to be really amazing. Death will finally show its capabilities, and these capabilities are certainly enormous. We should fear the force that the Old Gods and Lords of the Void fear. We know that it is something we will face as it grows in strength. Sylvanas, after escaping from Orgrimmar, later says that this whole war was to redirect souls to some being. It can't be about N'Zoth, who is supposedly defeated in the final raid of this supplement...

I think Sylvanas is awakening Mueh'zal, the God of Death. We also have no reason to believe that she will serve him. She, like Azshara, wants to claim the "true throne". It is time for the Dreamfather to awaken...