Hearthstone: The Great Coup - Chapter 3 Roads of Dalaran now playable


Chapter 3 of the new Hearthstone solo adventure The Great Coup is now playable. A new game rule awaits you in the streets of Dalaran. Here, three vendor carts block the way on each side of the board. Instead of a maximum of seven, you can only play a maximum of four servants in this mode. You may want to focus a bit more on big, expensive minions and avoid cards that boost a lot of minions at once. For completing Chapter 3, you will receive three packs of cards from the new Conspiracy of Shadows expansion.

With the unlock of Chapter 3, new Heroes have also made their way into the game. Now you can go into battle with Priest Kriziki as your Priest or the rogue Captain Eudora. Just like the other Heroes, you can unlock new Hero abilities and decks for the Priest and the Rogue.

In addition to the standard Hero ability, Captain Eudora has the ability to put a random card from another class into your hand for (2) mana or deal two points of damage to an uninjured Servant for (2) mana. Eudora's other starter decks are built around the death rattle mechanic as well as effects that return minions to your hand or shuffle them into your deck

Priest Kriziki unlocks a hero ability that swaps a minion's attack and life points. Kriziki's second Hero ability reduces a minion's attack power by 2 until your next turn. The two additional starter decks revolve around Shadow/Damage effects, as well as a Death Rattle deck with (0)-mana spells. In addition to these three decks, you can, as always, choose a completely random deck.