Final Fantasy 14: Trailer for job classes shows new and reworked skills


The upcoming expansion Shadowbringers for Final Fantasy 14 will not only offer a lot of new content, but also raise the maximum level for all job classes to 80. In doing so, each of the 17 jobs will be given new abilities and some of the existing ones will also be reworked.

These revisions literally pack a punch. As Naoki Yoshida revealed in his 51st Letter from the Producer LIVE, the machinist, for example, will play like an entirely new class. We've summarized other changes for you here:

  • Pet class summoned creatures can no longer be hit or attacked by enemiesTP will be removed from the game - All classes will only use MPMP will be fixed at level 80 at 10.000 - Piety will only increase MP regenerationMany of the combat calculation basics will be reworkedThe effect of shields will now be displayed on the life bar in the interfaceDebuffs for certain damage types (Slash, Blunt, Piercing) will be removedTanks will be divided into main tanks and secondary tanksHealers will get new abilities - Protes will be removedBard and Summoner will be partially reworked

To give you an impression of how impressive and diverse the new skills are, Square Enix has now released a special trailer for it, in which each of the 17 job classes presents its fighting skills. Of course, the Revolver Blade and the Dancer are not to be missed. In the almost 15 minute long video you also get a glimpse of the revised interface elements and displays of the respective jobs.