Bless: Out with the mouse - Bless Online will be discontinued on September 9


The developers of Bless Online announced back on June 6, 2019 that the Japanese servers will be shutting down in September. And on June 7, it was revealed that the western version of Bless Online, which you can play via Steam, will also be shut down, effective September 9, 2019, when the plug will be pulled on the servers at midnight, according to the makers of the online role-playing game via the Steam website. "Unfortunately, after much consideration and effort from everyone here at Bless Online, we are sad to announce that the Steam Online service for Bless Online will be ending at 00:00 on September 9, 2019," the Bless Online team writes.

With the server maintenance on June 10, 2019, sales of all digital products will be disabled and prices in the in-game store will be drastically reduced. To that end, access restrictions will be lifted for all dungeons, while you'll also be able to grab more loot in the instances. Outside of instanced content, all Bless Online characters will benefit from a 100 percent increase in experience points for gathering, mining, and hunting until the servers are shut down. The experience points for the guilds will also be increased as well as the dungeon and battle points. It's also getting Speedy for gathering, mining, and crafting, as speeds will be doubled. You can read the news on Bless Online's Steam website.

Incidentally, it seems that the Xbox One version of Bless Online, titled Bless Unleashed, is still being worked on under the wing of Bandai Namco and Neowiz.